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Mama crossed over on December 3,1971.  I was nineteen, a newlywed, and so naive in the ways of the world.  Even though I believe with all my being that she lives in another dimension, happy and content, there are times when I … Continue reading

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I gathered around the table with my family this Thanksgiving, and stepped out of myself.  I do this from time-to-time.  It clears the head and gives perspective.  How I love family!  Everyone talking at once, babies crying, cats growling, great … Continue reading

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Rochelle & Koury: Happy Anniversary

A FAIRY TALE COME TRUE Once upon a time In her kingdom far away. The beautiful Fairy Princess Went about her demands of the day. Always smiling and giving of herself Her empty soul dreamed of her mate, The Princely … Continue reading

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    I’ll Always Remember You Is it that time of year already? How can that be true? Wasn’t just yesterday we threw out the old And rang-in the new? It doesn’t seem possible that it is again Halloween. That the … Continue reading

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Dixie’s got a Gun

 Writers know characters popup anytime and anywhere.  For example, my newest character, Dixie Dandelion, came to me when I was getting a haircut.  Maybe chopping off some of my thick, curly mane allowed smothered brain cells to breathe again. Perhaps … Continue reading

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Interview with a Patriot Guard

United as one, they stand shoulder-to-shoulder to give final tribute to a veteran they neither knew nor met.  It matters not. In blazing heat or freezing rain with America’s flag at their side, these guardians called Grumpy, Rooster, Wingman, and … Continue reading

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The Mists of Loch Lonnie

Deep in the woods of Madison County, the magic of Loch Lonnie swirls in the mist. Giant wooded guardians, protectors of the Loch since the beginning of believing, stand as silent sentinels to the murky water.  Clad in armor stained … Continue reading

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