Dixie’s got a Gun

 Writers know characters popup anytime and anywhere.  For example, my newest character, Dixie Dandelion, came to me when I was getting a haircut.  Maybe chopping off some of my thick, curly mane allowed smothered brain cells to breathe again. Perhaps the gremlin twins, Creativity and Inspiration, (go to http://www.daydreamingonpaper.blogspot.com/ to meet them) wanted to play.  More likely, a past life experience flashed in my head that day.  Either way Dixie Dandelion is a god-send. 
  Dixie Belle Dandelion is a rootin’, tootin’ cowgirl who lives in the wild railroad town Six Shooter Siding.  Trouble follows Dixie like a loyal hound dog.  In one scene she finds herself facing down the dastardly evil bad guy, Reese Calhoun, in a gunfight at the One-Eyed Jack saloon.  Dixie shoots everything except what she’s aiming at.  In the words of her “soiled dove” friend, Sassy Annie, Dixie “can’t shoot worth spit.”  Determined never to be caught flat-footed again, Dixie turns to the love of her life, Pinkerton detective, Jackson McCullough, for instruction in the fine art of pistol shooting. 
Since I too can’t hit fish in a barrel, research is required in this area.  Experience is always the best teacher.  With my newly purchased, Heritage Rough Rider Single Action Revolver in hand, I turned to Wild Turkey Jim for instruction on how the load the thing without shooting myself in the foot.  
I need a better location to target practice, however.  But where?   Captain Morgan in the trunk?  Six-shooter in the backseat?  Yep. Madison County here I come.
Deep in the woods of Booger County, ex-cop, Alaska Kevin gives me intense instruction.  Backed by his thirty + years experience in handling firearms, Alaska Kevin is both knowledgeable, patient, and a crack shot.  
I point the revolver like a finger and squeeze the trigger.  Yee-Haw, hit the target every time.  
The Dandelion Gang gives support and urges me on.  Gypsy Jan even fires off a few rounds. 
Thanks to Grumpy Greg, Wild Turkey Jim, and Alaska Kevin, Dixie has  a gun and knows how to use it.                   
Watch out boys, Dixie’s packin’!

What’s next for Dixie?  A horse, of course!

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6 Responses to Dixie’s got a Gun

  1. Jan Morrill says:

    Yeehaw! I love Dixie, Jackson and the soiled doves, too. Oh! And Big Mike! Thanks, Ruth, for introducing us to your Dandelion world!

  2. ka says:

    A horse? Really! Yeah!!

  3. Patty says:

    Awesome post! Come hang out at the vortex. It's time for another horse to pop through.

  4. madisonwoods says:

    Haha, loved the recap Ruth. If no horse has hopped through the vortex when you're ready for pics, come on out to the other side of Madison county 😉

  5. Come to Selah and get in some target practice with Neal and me!

  6. LeAynne says:

    Just found your blog and am enjoying it. Shared this post with Tim, and asked "What caliber is it?"

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