Rochelle & Koury: Happy Anniversary

Once upon a time
In her kingdom far away.
The beautiful Fairy Princess
Went about her demands of the day.
Always smiling and giving of herself
Her empty soul dreamed of her mate,
The Princely Elf.
Nightly wishing upon his star to tell,
The Prince Elf dreamed of this Fairy as well.
Knowing the magic of soul-mate love,
He summoned the help of the enchanted, white dove.
On a mid-summer’s eve in early June,
A chance meeting caused their love to bloom.
A single kiss lit a flame in their heart
That no earthly power dare to part.
Their souls re-united with a joyful sound
For something lost, had been found.
Burning, powerful love brings us here today,
To join the Prince Koury and his fairy, Rochelle
In a union predestined from God’s first day.
And if you doubt fairy tales can come true,
Or that spells can bring parted souls back to you,
Ask the Elf and his Fairy, for they will gladly tell:
Never doubt what your heart goes after . . .
With a kiss
They lived happily ever after.
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