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WTCF! Too many gadgets.

Okay, here I am again asking, “What the Cat Fur?”  This time it concerns electronics. Daddy had a sign hanging in his office of a good ol’ boy studying his brand new pump handle, scratching his head in confusion.  The caption read, “Living … Continue reading

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Congratulations! It’s a . . . BOOK!

My book will be published the first of 2011! I listened to writers tell how long they worked on their novels—three, four, maybe even five years—and thought to myself they must be doing something wrong.  It takes that long to … Continue reading

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A Christmas Tree’s Wish

Every year they come—the little boy and girl.   So deceiving with their frost-kissed rosy cheeks and shining innocent eyes, yet hunters none-the-less.  The tassels on the end of her stocking cap bob from side-to-side with each step.   The man sized saw … Continue reading

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Daddy was a colorful character.  One of his favorite sayings was, “What the cat fur is going on?”  (WTCF for short) WTCF is a distant cousin to the famous WTF.  Even though WTF is fast becoming a widely used expression, … Continue reading

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