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The other day I was talking to my twin brother telling him how sometimes I rack my brain for interesting blog entries.  He suggested writing about our trip to Mexico.  That got me to thinking about things he and I … Continue reading

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In memory of Sissy

Last Thursday I had to put my cat to sleep.  It sucked! Sissy had been with me for over twelve years.  She wasn’t only my companion, but Pan Cat’s buddy as well.  Pan is black as midnight, mysterious, with a … Continue reading

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Real Women drink Tequila!

Dixie Dandelion’s soiled dove friend, Cinnamon, was a dark-skinned, mysterious-eyed, half Creole beauty whose little French accent drove the men wild.  Cinnamon was a real woman of the West and she called tequila the “golden elixir of the handsome, bronzed … Continue reading

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Horses from the Mist

My novel, Soldiers From the Mist, is more than just another Civil War story.  It tackles present day problems such as: alcoholism, mental/verbal/physical abuse, dysfunctional families, women’s rights, depression, and man’s inhumanity to man.  It also has whisperings of the … Continue reading

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I love the movies. I celebrated the New Year by going to the movies and seeing True Grit.   I hadn’t planned on watching this remake of John Wayne’s movie out of respect for The Duke; however curiosity got the best … Continue reading

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