Come join me and six additional local authors for a book signing.
Where:  Innisfree Senior Living Community, 24th & Walnut, Rogers, AR
Time:  Saturday, July 30, at 2:00
Authors presenting will be:

Linda Apple

Linda Apple:  Linda is an inspirational writer and speaker and the Chicken Soup of the Soul queen. She has short stories in thirthteen editions and just like the Energizer Bunny, she’s still going.   Linda will be speaking on writing for Chicken Soup plus her book, Inspire. Witty, humorous and always a gracious Southern lady, Linda is a valuable friend and a wonderful author/ speaker.

Velda Brotherton

Velda Brotherton:  Velda can write it all from fiction, non-fiction, newspaper articles to cookbooks. She is bringing four of her books: Arkansas Meals & Memories, Boston Mountains, Lost in the Ozarks, her Willa award winning novel, Fly with the Mourning Dove, and Wandering Through Time. Velda is a perfect example of it’s never too late to learn. She recently branched out into E-books and will be speaking on that adventure as well.

Pam Jones

Pam Jones: Pam, aka Bigfoot Pam, is a new author whose book, Redness Goddess, was released from HighHill Press only this month. Goddess is billed as a “Southern charmer, you just can’t put down.”  She will be reading from her book, and just like the billing, Pam will charm you with her soft, southern voice and wonderful     sense of humor.

Jan Morrill

Jan Morrill:  Jan is my writing buddy who I nick-named Gypsy Jan as she and her husband are always galloping off to visit other counties, and Samurai Jan because of her passion and fierce commitment to excellent writing.  Jan recently signed with an agent/editor and is busy fine-tuning her novel, Broken Dolls. Always elegant and graceful, Jan will be sharing her computer expertise on creating short stores from Smash Words.

Barbara McMinn

Barbara McMinn: Barbara is from Miami, Oklahoma and drives 90 miles every week to our writing/critique group.  Now, that’s commitment! Barb is a mystery/romance author and will be bringing three of her books: The Seduction of Janey, Out of the Darkness, and Forbidden Desire.

Dusty Richards

Dusty Richards: Recently voted the “Greatest Living Western Writer”, and with over 104 published western novels under his belt buckle, Dusty will delight you with his cowboy, good ol’ boy down home humor and stories. His Wrangler Award winning novel, The Sundown Chaser will be available for sale as well as many more of his novels.
Ruth Burkett Weeks

Ruth Burkett Weeks: My novel, Soldiers From the Mist was released in March of this year from HighHill Press out of St Charles, MO.  I will be speaking on the unique way this story came to me by the ghost that haunts my house. I will also be the foreman for this signing and of this wild bunch so anything can and probably will happen!
Innisfree Senior Living Community is a bright and cheery home to over 100 residents who are humorous, charming, and young at heart. Come join us for a fun, entertaining afternoon with fun, entertaining people. 
Sit back, relax in the cool dining room of Innisfree, sip lemonade, eat a cookie and BUY A BOOK!

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5 Responses to YOU ARE INVITED . . .

  1. I would give almost anything to be there and support you guys. I'll be thinking of you. Hugs – Rhonda

  2. Jan Morrill says:

    Great blog post, Dixie! What a wonderful idea, setting up this book signing. Thank you for letting me be a part of it!

  3. Dixie Ruth says:

    Rhonda! Great hearing from you. Wish you could be here too.

  4. Dixie says:

    Jan, of course you're a part of it! Boogerettes stand together!

  5. Wish I could be there. Take pictures and send me some and I'll post them on the website.

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