Being the deep philosophical thinker that I am, I often ponder the role Fate plays in our lives.  Case in point:
A year ago I attended the annual Ozark Creative Writers conference in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.  OCW puts on a wonderful three day meeting that brings together agents, publishers, authors, and editors from around the country.  Last year the co-owner of The Wild Rose Press, Rhonda Penders, was a guest speaker.
The Wild Rose Press—“Where romance blooms,”—is a small electronic and print publisher of romance. I never considered writing romance even though it’s the biggest selling genre out there but Rhonda’s witty presentation and bubbly personality pulled me to her like a magnet.
Down-to-earth, humorous and very approachable, Rhonda encouraged all writers to speak and ask questions regardless of the genre they wrote.
“I’m here for three days.” She laughed. “Use me.”
Even though I didn’t have a novel, short story, poem, or even a sentence to pitch, I made an appointment to speak with her anyway. 
Fate stepped in.
 We briefly spoke about my writing when the topic of the Crescent Hotel came up.  The Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs is nationally known for the ghosts that call it home.  I have experienced ghostly encounters there and I recounted them to Rhonda who listened to each word with chill bumps racing up and down her arms. By the time our ten minutes were over, a bond of friendship had developed between her and me.    
           Last May I had the pleasure of seeing Rhonda again at the Oklahoma Writers Federation conference in Oklahoma City.  While I listened to her presentation, I came to a decision.  
I wanted to be a member of the rose garden.   
Wild Rose Press has subtitles named after different types of roses that a short story or novel can be submitted to:  American, Black, Cactus, Champagne, and Faery to name just a few. (Go to their website: The Wild Rose Press.com for more info)  Faery Rose is for paranormal romance and a perfect fit for me.  
I left the conference with a story forming in my mind. Of course a romance wouldn’t be worth its salt unless it has a love scene between the pages.  Quite a challenge for me to write.  However, a case of coke and a fifth of Jack Daniels later, I had written not one, but two spicy encounters between my immortal hero The Rook and his mortal love interest, Raven.
I submitted the story.
 Last Monday, The Wild Rose Press offered me a contact.
I am proud to say that I am now an official rose.
Fate caused my path to cross with Rhonda’s.  Why? So I could become a romance writer? Perhaps, but . . .
I gained a friend that until that autumn day in the small town of Eureka Springs I never knew existed.  Where that friendship will lead us is unknown. Why the bond developed in the first place is unknown. Is there a bigger reason other than mere friendship looming out there in space somewhere? Who knows? 
But that’s what I like about Fate.  
No reason is ever necessary.
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  1. Jack LaBloom says:


  2. Yeah! Ruth. Get those books out there gal. I'll buy your first copy.

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