The Gift

The Rook comes with night.
Mysterious and dark he stands.  Gold-tipped onyx wings catch the moon’s rays and dance across the water in ripples of mirrored silver. His scent of earth, wind, and fire swirls in the mist and draws me into outstretched arms.  Lips press against lips and souls unite to soar between the shadows of time and space.
One moment there.
The next, gone.
Morning brings faded memories of his essence.  Reality or only a dream?
But wait.   
There.  In the marbled stones.  A feather.  His gift.  A promise. 
With a wish, he will return.  
Coming soon from The Wild Rose Press:  The Rook and The Raven
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2 Responses to The Gift

  1. Jan Morrill says:

    Woohoo! You're officially a Friday Fictioneer! I love this story, and can't wait for The Rook to make his appearance at The Wild Rose Press!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ruth, This was one of the best. Very, very nice. Really well put together, which is to say, well written. i'm envious.(Now, if past experience with other bloggers using this interface, my comment will be disappeared and I'll be told I don't own my WordPress name. I've learned to cut and paste and then tell them I'm anonymous, but I'm not. I'm this guy.,Doug

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