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The Witch of Moon Hollow

Tomorrow (actually at midnight tonight) Halloween begins. It’s the time of year when the veil between this world and the “other side” is the thinnest and therefore spirits and ghosts are able to communicate more effectively.  Personally, I don’t have … Continue reading

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The Legend of Danny O’Shea

 Dyamite   Here is my flash fiction for this Friday. The Legend of Danny O’Shea Danny O’Shea loved his emerald-eyed Kathleen and promised her a land of milk and honey in the land of the Americas. “The mountain … Continue reading

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Halloween by Pan Cat

All year I gaze out into the starlit night, waiting . . . waiting.   Crisp air makes my blood boil and skin itch.  My tail and whiskers twich.  Restless, I pace from room to room on silent paws only to return to the … Continue reading

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Do you like romance?Do you like snark?Are you looking for the next Jodi Thomas? Nora Roberts? Then Redneck Ex is perfect for you. Claire Croxton’s new novel has it all: laughter, tears, snark, hot men, and wild sex.Croxton’s writing voice … Continue reading

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Tripping the Circuit Breaker

Here is the picture and my story for this Friday’s flash fiction.  It is the first thing that entered my mind when I saw the picture. I confess however, I had several Captain Morgan’s! It was one of those days—the … Continue reading

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Do Not Weep for Me

 My writing friend, Madison Woods has started the “Friday Fictioneers”.  Each Friday she posts a picture on her blog and we write a flash fiction story (around 100 words) about it. Here is her picture for this Friday. And my story. … Continue reading

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Coming February 2012:The Rook and The Raven by R.H. Burkett

The Rook and The Raven, my paranormal romance, will be released by The Wild Rose Press on February 8,2012 in e-book form.   Ancient law forbids the Rook from interfering with human destiny, but Roark defies all to rescue Raven … Continue reading

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The Good Guys

 This weekend I did a lot of thinking about the “good guys.” The good guys are easy to spot in the movies and TV. They’re the ones that wear white hats and save the day at the last possible … Continue reading

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Confessions of a secret shoe-box hoarder

   I have heard said that confession is good for the soul. If that be the case, my soul is about to whitewashed clean.    I’m on vacation this week. One of the things I decided to do while away from … Continue reading

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REDNECK GODDESS now available on

“I slam the boot sideway, the pointy toe catching the gator behind one iridescent gold eye. The beast isn’t deterred, nor does he seem amused. He turns that flat head toward me. I have a fraction of a second, a … Continue reading

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