REDNECK GODDESS now available on

“I slam the boot sideway, the pointy toe catching the gator behind one iridescent gold eye. The beast isn’t deterred, nor does he seem amused. He turns that flat head toward me. I have a fraction of a second, a lifetime, to think the hitting an alligator in the head with an ostrich skin cowboy boot will be my last stupid act on this earth.”
This excerpt is from Redneck Goddess written by a wonderful new author and friend, Pam Foster.
Redneck Goddess is about a Southern girl, (named after a candy bar) that has the nerve to fall in love with a hot Latino man from The Republic of Panama and bring him home to Noisy Creek, Georgia to met her family of backwood rednecks.  From gators, bears, and The Redneck Goddess beauty pageant, this book will keep you laughing from beginning to end.
Redness Goddess is available on
Buy it.  Read it. Laugh!
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1 Response to REDNECK GODDESS now available on

  1. mgmillerbooks says:

    Agreed! Funniest book I've read in ages.

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