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The Good Guys

 This weekend I did a lot of thinking about the “good guys.” The good guys are easy to spot in the movies and TV. They’re the ones that wear white hats and save the day at the last possible … Continue reading

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Confessions of a secret shoe-box hoarder

   I have heard said that confession is good for the soul. If that be the case, my soul is about to whitewashed clean.    I’m on vacation this week. One of the things I decided to do while away from … Continue reading

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REDNECK GODDESS now available on

“I slam the boot sideway, the pointy toe catching the gator behind one iridescent gold eye. The beast isn’t deterred, nor does he seem amused. He turns that flat head toward me. I have a fraction of a second, a … Continue reading

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We’re caught in a trap!

It has been quite awhile since my last rant but the time has come to ask:  WHAT THE CAT FUR? It all started five years ago. When I moved to a rural area, I wasn’t able to get cable TV … Continue reading

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