Jesus is coming! Christmas Day 2011

 Bayou Jesus:
One of the many things I like about belonging to the Northwest Arkansas Writers’ Workshop is that the group is comprised of a variety of writers working on different genres—from westerns to romance and everything in-between.  I thought I’d heard of very type of novel out there until M.G. Miller returned to the fold.
M. G. (Mike) Miller is a Southern Gothic novelist and former fiction editor for a national horror magazine. What is Southern Gothic?  In Miller’s case, it horror that chills your bones and curls your toenails—and his brand of Southern Gothic is not for the faint of heart.  
           Even though I talk a good game, basically I’m a big chicken so my taste doesn’t run toward the macabre but Miller’s God-given talent of weaving tales of shock and revulsion into works of pure genus made me a fan.  Currently he is fine-tuning his new book, Murderous. I can’t wait to get to class to hear what despicable act his character, Caroline has done to her mother this week.
Because I’m addicted to Miller’s unique voice, I read one of his earlier novels, Bayou Jesus.  OMG!  I couldn’t put the book down and read it in one sitting. Bayou Jesus not only is a brilliant piece of writing but is also a book that conjures questions.  Questions about faith, belief and man’s inhumanity to man. The novel dares ask the question, “If Jesus returned today in a different form or way other than the traditional Christian belief, would we accept or deny him?”
Personally, I think he’d be crucified all over again.  The pharmaceutical and health insurance companies would have a stroke if Jesus walked in our midst healing the sick and raising the dead. The economy would collapse. And do you think the power of the almighty dollar would bow down to unconditional love and compassion? I wonder.
What if Jesus returned as a woman?   Maybe that’s already happened.  A viable argument could be made for Mother Theresa. She healed the sick and walked among lepers seeking no fortune or fame.  Hmm . . . sounds familiar, doesn’t it?
If Jesus came back as a stringy-haired teenager with a nose ring and tattoos, would Christians think him the King of Kings?
What if Jesus returned as a poor black man born in the Deep South during The Great Depression.  Would mankind accept him as their Savior?
Read the reissue of Bayou Jesus by M. G. Miller and find out.  Available Christmas Day from Southern Exposures Press exclusively on Amazon Kindle.
Connect with M.G. Miller on line
            Facebook Author Page:  M.G. Miller

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6 Responses to Jesus is coming! Christmas Day 2011

  1. Madison Woods says:

    I'm eager to read this book everyone keeps talking about. Sound very thought-provoking!

  2. Denton Gay says:

    Good article, Ruth. I'm looking forward to his next book. From what little I've seen of it, I believe it will be even better than these two.

  3. Russell says:

    Your remark about the pharmaceutical companies reminded me of the joke about the redneck who didn't want Jesus to heal him because he'd lose his disability check – HA! I agree that most people would not recognize or receive Jesus if he didn't look like the picture hanging on the church wall. Thanks for providing excellent insight on this book. Mike is a great writer.

  4. Ruth says:

    Denton,Every week at group Mike reads his 5 pages of Murderous and even though I am repulsed, I love it. I look forward to Thursdays and if Mike isn't there I feel cheated. I agree with you, I think Murderous will be better than the other two, and that's saying alot!Thanks for the comment.

  5. Ruth says:

    Russell, I liked the joke sadly there is more truth in it than fiction. I always wonder if Jesus is the homeless man with the sign standing at the intersection. So I give. Ya just never know,And yes, Mike is an excellent writer!Thanks for the comment

  6. Ruth says:

    Madison,You will love the book!

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