This is Madison’s picture for this week’s Friday Fictioneers. Every thing has heart.  Just ask Ol’ Blue.

Ol’ Blue


           “Step on it, Bobby Lee!  Them Revenuers ain’t fur behind. ‘Jest one last run,’ that’s what ya said.

“Hesh up,” Bobby Lee said and patted the dash.   “Ain’t nothing sitting on four tires can catch Ol’ Blue.”
“Why ya always talking like this piece of junk has a heart?”   
“I warning ya, cousin. Don’t talk agin’ Blue like that.  She’s sensitive.”
“It ain’t alive!  It’s just a bucket of bolts.”
The engine died.  Never to run again.  
Deep in the woods Ol’ Blue sits with a broken heart, never to finish the last moonshiner’s run.
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16 Responses to MOONSHINER’S RUN

  1. Palooski65 says:

    Cute–sad–AND funny——-LOVED IT!Mine:

  2. I agree with Ginny.Shouldn've talked agin Ol'Blue.

  3. elmowrites says:

    Haha, I like how Ol' Blue got her own back. Funny and nostalgic!I'm over here:

  4. I adore this story, it has character and …well heart. ;)Last Stand is here:

  5. Dear Ruth,Anyone who thinks machines aren't animate should try depending on a submarine to stay running while they're submerged for months at a time. You captured the soul of a machine nicely.Aloha,Doug

  6. Ruth says:

    Thanks for reading, Virginia. I'll check yours out as well.

  7. Ruth says:

    Thanks, Janet. Words hurt, even to trucks.

  8. Ruth says:

    Yep, Ol' Blue got them moonshiners caught. That'll teach em'!

  9. Ruth says:

    haha. loved your comment. Thanks for reading.

  10. Ruth says:

    Aloha, Doug!If the inmpossible happened and I was in a sub, you'd better believe I'd be petting her hull, and praying to her soul to get me home safe and sound. Missed hearing from you, glad you're back

  11. See.Williams says:

    This is my first time here and i am taken by the depth of your voice and creation…i so much loved it! Well done!

  12. Tom Poet says:

    I enjoyed this. I was depending on that moonshine!

  13. Ruth says:

    Woo-hoo, I like your comments. Come on back.

  14. Ruth says:

    Tom, you would've had that moonshine but cous just couldn't keep his mouth shut. thanks for your comments.

  15. Awww, poor Blue 😦 I loved your story, Ruth. Your characters felt real.

  16. Ruth says:

    Thanks, Madison.

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