1.             WHERE ARE THE BEANS?

O.K.  What’s the deal?  What happened to Campbell’s Pork and Beans?

After working my usual 8-5 insanity, I stop at WalMart on the way home to pick up a few things.  I should know better.  A few things at WalMart is next to impossible.  First of all, the minute I hit the front door, I forget what few items I want.  Thus I walk around the store throwing “little” things into my basket.  Second, the crying kids, the rude adults with their baskets in the middle of the isle, and the two checkers on duty is the same at 5:30 as it is at noon.

I’m going to a cookout this weekend.  I want to bring baked beans.  I make mean baked beans.  As you can guess, the main ingredient to baked beans is the bean.  Campbell’s Pork and Beans are the best.  I grew up with Campbell’s Pork and Beans.  It’s sacrilegious to use anything but Campbell’s Pork and Beans.  But guess what?  No damn Campbell’s Pork and Beans!!!

What happened?

There’s a gob of Campbell Soups.  But no beans.

There are: Bush’s beans, Van Camp beans, Giant Value beans, beans with molasses, beans with maple, beans with onions, beans with brown sugar, but no Campbell’s Pork and Beans.


Tooth paste is almost as bad.  Plain ol’ Crest toothpaste is the best.  They have Crest with mouthwash, Crest with whitening, Mint Crest, Mint Crest Gel, Spearmint Crest, Spearmint Crest Gel, Crest for sensitive teeth, Crest Pro-Health, but regular Crest with nothing?  Hard to find.


My few items cost a small fortune. I have to settle for something other than

Campbell’s beans.  And, damn it!  I forgot the toothpaste

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6 Responses to WHAT THE CAT FUR?

  1. Bean there, done THAT!!! 😀

  2. Jan Morrill says:

    Poor Dixie! Life used to be much simpler, eh? Big hugs!

  3. Claire says:

    It's so frustrating, ain't it? That's why I like shopping in Huntsville. No Super Center. Wal-Mart has dog food and a pharamacy and Harp's is right next door. Don't expect to find brandname coffee or ladyfingers, but if you need beans, you're sure to find them. Life was a lot more fun when it was simple!

  4. Ruth says:

    Yes! Life wsa simpler and so much better.

  5. Ruth says:

    I bet if I went to Piggy Wiggly I could find Campbell's Pork and Beans right by the Moon Pies!

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