The Perils of Pauline aka The Haunting


 I’ve switched from my old  Blogger blog to WordPress and this is my maiden post.   Do I know what I’m doing?  Well, of course!  I have my guru, Gypsy Jan watching over my shoulder.

So, here’s the deal.  Three weeks ago, I got kicked off the internet in the middle of pinning a board.  Since then I’ve not been able to connect back consistently. Four calls to AT&T later, I thought the problem was solved.

Let me say a word of praise for the techs at At&T.  They had the patience of Job dealing with me.  I’m so computer stupid it’s really a shame.  I mean, I work on these contraptions every day and have written countless of stories and two books on one, but I will never learn computerize.  What a train wreck!

Ok. I think we have, at last, solved the connecting to internet problem.  I’m thrilled!  Jumping for joy!  Feel free and so damn smart.  But wait . . .

Today, I’m at a wordpress workshop.  I brought my trusty laptop with me and guess what?  It won’t connect!  Perhaps my laptop has caught a cold but more likely, it’s haunted.

I wonder if Best Buy knows how to exorcise demons?

Tune in next week for more perils of Pauline, aka  The Haunting.

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