Everyday Miracles

Last weekend I attended the quarterly meeting of the Ozark Writer’s League (OWL) in Branson, Missouri. The diva of social media, Kristan Lamb was that morning’s speaker. During the break, I sat outside in the warm sunshine to thaw my bones from the cranked-up air conditioning in the conference room. A gentle breeze drifted past and touched my cheek with a lazy hand. Even though it’s August, the day screamed early fall. While I sat there on that gray flat rock, several people walked by. A tall, graceful, blonde-haired woman stopped to say hello and to warm her bones as well.

Mona (I regret I don’t remember her last name) pulled up a rock. Together we sat side-by-side in comfortable silence and enjoyed the glorious sunshine and serene setting. To spark a conversation she asked what I wrote. When I told her my favorite genre was paranormal, her eyes glowed with excitement. She said, “I believe in every day miracles.” A warm, fuzzy feeling spread through me. Spirit had sent me a kindred sister.

Mona briefly told me some of her past, which hadn’t been an easy one, and how she had learned that miracles happen everyday. How right she is.

I think people fail to see everyday miracles because of two reasons: #1- they are looking for some grand event like water turning into wine, the Red Sea parting, healing the sick, rising the dead, etc., and #2 they aren’t aware.

Mona shared an experience she had concerning money. She needed some. (Who doesn’t?) She started finding money on sidewalks, parking lots, and streets. Sometimes a nickel, a dime, and even a $20.00 dollar bill. Spirit, God, The Force, whatever you call divine guidance knew her need and supplied it. Now, I know most of you are thinking, “wow, a nickel. Big Deal.” You’re missing the point. The lesson Mona learned by this is that there is more than enough abundance in the world and, if you are aware, if you believe, your needs will be ment.

I told Mona she needed to share her everyday miracles with the world by blogging about them. “Mona’s Everyday Miracles.” When we parted, she thanked me for inspiring her and said she would share the small events in her life that she considered tiny miracles with the hope that she could help and inspire others.

Miracles happen everyday and everywhere. That sunny Saturday while sitting on a rock, the miracle of friendship happened between Mona and me.

I’m curious. What everyday miracles have happened to you?

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6 Responses to Everyday Miracles

  1. Nice post, Ruth. Einstein said, “Either everything is a miracle, or nothing is a miracle.” I think that’s right. We either see and experience life’s everyday joys or life is a series of gray days and dark nights.

  2. Linda Apple says:

    Friendship found in the most unlikely places. I love miracles like those. 🙂 But my favorite is when I’ve been kissed by God. Those tiny acts of love given to us just because He knows us and what we enjoy or need.

    Beautiful post my friend. I love you girl.

    • truthsbyruth says:

      God kisses. I like that. I got kissed one Christmas when my aunt who I wouldn’t know if I fell over, sent a picture of Mama holding me as a baby. Wow. That was a God Slurp! Merry Christmas from Mama. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Good story and a nice experience on a sunny Saturday. I consider waking up every morning a miracle because I see so many friends already who aren’t finding that miracle. Thanks, Ruth, for being you.

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