Coffee with Jesus

My friend, let’s call her Fairy, had a stroke a few months ago.  Due to hard work and tons of prayers, she is back to normal, or as normal as fairies can be living in human form in this dimension.  While Fairy is extremely spiritual, she isn’t religious. So you can imagine my surprise when I heard she shared morning coffee with Jesus.

Fairy likes to have morning coffee sitting on her deck surrounded in nature.  She often meditates during this time.  Let me stray off topic for a moment and give you a tip on meditation:  there is no right or wrong way to meditate. Any way you find that works, is the key to success.

On my path to spiritual enlightenment, I attended a lot of guided meditations where mentally I was lead to cave, a mountain, or field, usually across a river, to find my spiritual guide. Of course this didn’t work unless I sat ramrod straight, with my feet on the floor and eyes closed.  Guess what?  I never found my guide.

Not seeing my guide upset me beyond reason. Everyone else saw wise ol’ sages, angels, or Indian chiefs. I saw nothing. Of course, my back screaming out in pain may have had something to do with that.  Or maybe it was to due to my feet falling asleep because they never could reach the floor so they just dangled helplessly in the air.

I did, however, learn a valuable lesson from these disappointing attempts: you can meditate anywhere, anytime, sitting any ol’ way that is comfortable. All that is required is a quiet mind.  If you can still your mind with a cup of coffee sitting on your deck in the light of a new day, or walking through the woods on a crisp, autumn morning, or while taking a  shower, then so be it.

Okay, back to Fairy and Jesus.

The first thing Fairy asked the Son of God, was why he was there. His answer was personal, and I won’t go into it, but basically he popped in to help Fairy recover.  During the conversation, Fairy left to refill her coffee cup. Jesus sat patiently, waited for her return, then continued on with their conversation.

Now, I’m not stupid. I know there are tons of you thinking, “oh sure, right.  Just what did Fairy put in that coffee?”  I have two words for you:  Grow up!

What a wonderful experience! To sit with Jesus, like an old friend over coffee and talk about anything and everything. I loved it!  Kudos to Fairy. Kudos to Jesus.

If Jesus, or for that matter, any great mind came and sat beside me one morning, I have no idea what I would say.  Do you?  Tell me who you’d like to talk to and what you’d say.  Dare ya!

Oh, by the way, Jesus prefers tea.

God Blessed you, Fairy.  Love ya!


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7 Responses to Coffee with Jesus

  1. Did Jesus bring his missus or just appear by himself?

  2. Great question, Ruth! I’m not sure who I’d want to chat with either – depends on the day and time and mood – but I sure like your point that meditation is not about technique but about nurturing a quiet mind. Like cooking, some people prefer to go to a fancy French school to learn the art but others like to make up recipes on our own to discover what’s delicious. To each her own… or… Ommmmmmmmm!

  3. Jan Morrill says:

    I love this, Ruth, and I’m glad Fairy is doing better. I think I would pick Jesus, too, and I would ask every question I could think of about peace, not only within ourselves, but outside of ourselves.

  4. I just saw on the news that the Jesus’ wife papryus has been proven a hoax. Not sure how to spell that. Anyway, back to Ruth’s question. I’d personally like to visit with Zeus. He’s a cool guy and might be able to answer lots of my questions about all those gorgeous gods. Hmmm, does that make me a dirty old woman?

  5. truthsbyruth says:

    Zeus. Very cool answer, Velda! Thanks.

  6. Linda Apple says:

    Let’s see, when I have coffee with Jesus we talk about a lot of things. Family, friends, how creative His Father is. We both enjoy that. We laugh at the funny things like the antics of two squirrels swirling up and down a tree playing tag. I seem to never be able to express to Him enough how grateful I am for Him. I do fuss at Him sometimes. Sometimes I get downright angry, because things are just not fair here on earth. Jesus never condemns me or rebukes me. He listens. And then, in His own special way, gives me a deeper perspective.

    When we finish talking we agree to coffee same time next day. Sometimes I get busy and break our date, but He understands. But I can’t go too long because I miss our times together. Even though he is with me always, I enjoy our special times. 🙂

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