I Need a Hero

“Where have all good men gone and where are all the gods?

Where’s the street-wise Hercules, to fight the rising odds?’

Isn’t there a white knight upon a fiery steed?

Late at night I toss and I turn and I dream of what I need.

I need a hero.

I’m holding out for a hero ’til the end of the night

He’s gotta be strong, he’s gotta be fast

And he’s gotta be fresh for the fight.”

Mama told me never to talk  politics or religion.  Funny she would say that because she always did.  Mama took an active role in politics. She campaigned for Faubus and Wallace.  Whoa!  Wallace you say?  Yes. Wallace.  Why?  Because he had guts and wasn’t afraid to stand up for what he believed.  So, today I’m breaking Mama’s rule to keep my mouth shut.  Because I’m fed up!

I am weary of the postings on Face Book concerning Obama and Romney.  I turn down the volume on my car radio when political ads come on.  I switch channels on TV when Romney bashes Obama and Obama bashes Romney.  Neither one is saying anything new.  Neither one cares about the American Public.  It’s all a huge dog and pony show.

I am so disappointed in American Government.

My disillusionment with government stared long before today, however.  I was in eighth grade history class when I learned the electoral college elects the President, not the American public.

“What?  No way!”  I augured with my teacher but to no avail.  Right then and there, at 12 years of age, I vowed I would never vote until my vote counted.  Oh sure, my teacher assured me that my vote did count– for the electoral college, and these men would always vote the way the public wished.  Really?  Who says?  Nope.  Not good enough. Is this truly how a democracy works?  For the people?  By the people?

Quite a few years have passed since 8th grade history class.  I have yet to vote.   Not because of the electoral college thing but because “where have all good men gone, and where are all the gods?”  I need John Wayne.  Superman. Captain America. I need a hero.

America needs a hero.

America needs a leader brave enough to stand up for what is right, not politically correct.  Be it man or woman in the Oval office, I want someone with guts.  Someone that will kick ass and take names.  Someone that puts America first, that fights for us.  That doesn’t cower in the corner afraid of offending countries that spit in the face of America, (even though we give them money) burns our flag, kills our soldiers. I want a hero that doesn’t play politics!  That doesn’t give a damn about Big Oil, Big Money, Big Bullies.

Will it ever happen?

A real-life hero would have a hard time getting elected and even if he/she did, his/her’s hand would be tied. It takes big money to get elected.  Another sad yet true fact in American government. Compromises must be made.  Big Money controls everything–and corrupts.

I wonder what would happen if America went on strike?  If the American public refused to vote?  Maybe the people of The United States can be the hero that is desperately needed. Makes ya wonder, doesn’t it?  Then I’d vote.  Hell. Then I’d run for President.

I am neither liberal or conservative, Republican or Democratic.

I’m an American, praying for a hero.







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12 Responses to I Need a Hero

  1. Linda Apple says:

    “Someone that will kick ass and takes names. Someone that puts America first, that fights for us.”

    Amen Sister! That says it all and sums it up best.

  2. Right on, Ruth! We’re living in a time when democracy is dying and being replaced by corporation-government fascism. The two parties have glommed up all the power, which they sell to the highest bidder–and that’s NOT you and me. Keep up the good work; give them hell.

  3. I don’t think I do want a hero, Ruth. I want an honest person. Someone willing to say the emperor is bare-assed naked, stripped of his finery by greed and war and the power-hungry, beaten half to death by the lazy and the drug addled. Someone who will listen to me, and you and all Americans, and help us take back our country.

    • truthsbyruth says:

      Unfortunitatley a honest person wouldn’t get far. In the first place, they wouldn’t have the money and in the second, if there was any hope in getting elected, honesty would be a four letter word. Sad but true.

  4. Jan Morrill says:

    That’d be my kind of hero: …brave enough to stand up for what is right, not politically correct. I think we’re all a little sick of the spin, Ruth. Especially the nasty spin.

  5. . I couldn’t have said it better. I’ve been seriously considering not voting. I declined to vote once before because both candidates turned me off. I’ve always hated the Electoral College. From your mouth to their ears. Send this blog to the White House, or better yet to CNN.

  6. Jack LaBloom says:

    Most of us want that kind of hero, Ruth.

    When things start to go wrong, it’s often because the people making policy decisions that affect the masses have not studied the past and learned the lessons taught by it.

    I find it ironic that people who claim to have all the answers to fix our school system are the ones who never taught in a classroom.

    Many people most willing to advocate military action first, are the ones who were not willing to wear the uniform much less carry a rifle onto a battlefield.

    Many people who believe heath care is a privilege and insurance companies should be allowed to write all the rules never had to give up everything they had in an effort to cover the cancer treatments for their child.

    Most people who believe even a little socialism is a bad thing would never live in a country that doesn’t believe in having any of it at all.

    Only when people are willing to work together for the greater good will we find the best solutions to our nation’s problems. No one has all the answers, but good people unselfishly working together could come up with better ones. I believe our best days are ahead of us. We as individuals can do our part by offering to work together for the greater good, even when everything we, as individuals, want will be an unlikely outcome.

    Sorry for the soapbox, Ruth. All is well, except for my finger which has eighteen stitches in it. Good thing I have insurance.

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