Pressure-Release Valves

Life is like a pressure cooker on low just itching to explode.  Thankfully, God in his wisdom, gave us humans pressure-release valves to keep us from blowing sky-high, such as great joy, fun, laughter, and friendship.

The Sisterhood

This past week I attended The Wild Rose Press writing retreat in Bandera, Texas. Four of my bestest friends in the whole-wide world went with me.  The Sisterhood of the traveling Pen, as we call ourselves, is my biggest pressure-release valve.  These creative, strong, wonderful women make be laugh until I hurt.   Usually they don’t mean too.  Sometimes they stare at me in wonder while I roll on the floor, clutch my stomach, and laugh so hard I’m in danger of peeing my pants.  It isn’t so much what they say, but how they say it.  Their wit, sarcasm, spontaneity, and timing bounce of the walls.  The moments can never be duplicated.  You have to be there to understand.  But trust me when I say, their humor soothes my soul  and diffuses the pressure in my gut.  Stress evaporates.

The Silver Spur Guest Ranch is an even better to place to relax and release pressure now that the loving, joyful engery of the Sisterhood lurks in every nook and crannie of the ranch just waiting to jump out and embrace every one that stays there.  The ghosts that haunt the 300 acre ranch cried the night we left and wait in aniticipation of our return.  They need not worry.  We will be back!

Another great pressure-release value. Here’s to the Sisterhood!

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9 Responses to Pressure-Release Valves

  1. Right back at you, Ruth. My favorite part of the weekend was watching you knock their socks off reading the cards and have the time of your life doing it.

  2. truthsbyruth says:

    Pam, I had many favorite moments, but I have to say the tarot readings were most magical.

  3. So true. The one time I was with all five of you in a room at one time, I became hysterical in no time. There’s truth in what you say about relieving the pressure. Glad you had a great time.

    • ruth says:

      Velda, how the Sisterhood missed you! Patty made me laugh so hard I thought I would break in half. Dixie found her Joe horse, and a very, very handsome wranger as well. Next time, you’re coming with us.

  4. Jan Morrill says:

    Ruth, I had a magical time, and the sound of your laughter was one of the best parts of all — especially watching you roll on the floor, kicking your feet because you just can’t laugh any harder. 🙂

  5. Jack LaBloom says:

    When the Sisterhood of The Traveling Pen rides into town, things happen. Texas may never be the same.

  6. ruth says:

    Oh, Jack, how right you are. Texas is even bigger and better because of the Sisterhood.

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