Book of the Year!


March 2011, my dream of becoming a published author came true.  November 2012 Soldiers From the Mist was voted Book of The Year by the Ozark Writers League in Branson, Missouri.

Soldiers From the Mist is a ghost story, love story, and an adventure all rolled into one.  The story was told to me by the ghost of a Civil War soldier that haunted my house.  Soldiers is a story that centers around the power of three:   “Three men.  Three promises–two were broken; one should have been. Thirty-five souls are trapped for eternity because of those promises. These souls wait and search for the fourth promise that will set them free.”

Dusty Richards, winner of the 2010 Wrangler Book Award, two Spur Awards, and over 100 published books to his name, says this about my book:  “Frown, laugh and cry. Ruth has them all between these book covers. When you finish it you’re going to say where can I get another one. A fresh breath of words from a fabulous new writer.

Velda Brotherton, author and Willa Award Winner says, “An out-of-the-ordinary Civil War story, and extraordinary first novel, with characters that will haunt readers long after the last page is read. Weeks truly has a grasp on storytelling.”

L.J. Turner, author and editor says, “Ruth Weeks’ musical prose puts us into a history brimming with mystery and myth.  I couldn’t put the book down until I savored every wonderful word.”

Soldiers From the Mist is available on Amazon in both print book and Kindle format. Click on the book trailer page at the top this blog for a bird’s eye view of the story, read the reviews on Amazon along with the first chapter and discover for yourself why Soldiers From the Mist is worthy of the title, Book of the Year!



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  1. I’ve read Soldiers from the Mist three times now. Each time I find new depth in the characters and stories. This is an extraordinary first novel. Can’t wait for more from Weeks.

  2. truthsbyruth says:

    Reblogged this on Sisterhood of the Traveling Pen and commented:

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  3. truthsbyruth says:

    Thank you, Pam. Next year, BigFoot Blues by Pam Foster!

  4. mgmillerbooks says:

    Awesome awesome awesome! Congrats, Ruth Burkett Weeks!

  5. Jan West says:

    I have had the very great honor to have read a few of Ruth’s earliest works. One was called Bubble Gum, it was a time in my personal life. I always knew that Ruth would be a great author. I can hardly wait to read her later books, including Soldiers From the Mist. She is a very intuitive person and can “read” people like a book. It is no wonder that the ghosts came to her and told her their story. Love you Ruth and miss seeing you.

    • truthsbyruth says:

      JAN! OMG great hearing from you.
      Bubble Gum Messages was my first contest win and one of my favorite short stories.
      Thanks, Jan.

      • Jan West says:

        I still have my copy of Bubble Gum Messages. Kristy is in town until Christmas. I will see her tomorrow. She always asks about you. I will show her your blog. God, girl, I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am for you. Keep it up.

  6. Staci Troilo says:

    What an honor! Congratulations Ruth!

  7. No one works harder to tear that box open and write way out there. Congratulations, Ruth. You deserve this award and all the others on the way. Hint, hint. RWA

  8. Jim Burkett says:

    Proud of you SIS!

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