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There will be no card of the week today.  Instead I am giving some thoughts on the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary.

Facebook has been flooded with comments of every kind ranging from sorrow, compassion, hate, gun control, and stupid remarks about God allowing this tragic thing to happen.  I am not going to add to any of this.

The big question on everyone’s mind is, “Why?”  I can’t answer that.  Wish to God I could.  Wish to God I could reach into every parent’s heart and erase the hurt and overwhelming sorrow.  Wish to God I could destroy the fear of every mother and dad out there wondering if their child who stepped on the school bus that morning will step off of it that afternoon. I can’t.

But what I can do is give you an edge.  A way of feeling in control.

I was raised by a  Christian Scientist.   Daddy bordered on being fanatic about his religion.  I didn’t share his passion.  In later years, however, I did come to appreciate and practice some of his beliefs, the main one being protection.

Every morning before Daddy went to work, he’d sit in the big overstuffed chair in the corner of the living room surrounded by his Bible and the Science and Health.   Eyes shut, hands folded in prayer, he “put on his armor” for the day ahead.  He called it doing his daily work and praying.  I call it meditation. In his mind, he put protection around himself, his family and friends. Then he would expand out to his community, state, county, the world, and the universe.

Every day I do the same thing.

Each morning before rushing out the door into the insanity of the world, I take my cup of coffee, go to the back bedroom, and “put on my armor.”  Pan Cat always sits with me.  Even if she is nowhere to be found, she comes on the run when I say, “Pan, it’s time.” We sit together looking out the window and mentally I petition  the angels to surround my house, car, cats, family,  friends, and my county, to tuck each and every one of us under their wings.  I visualize a protective bubble around each person.  I put an angel in my nieces and nephews’ pockets.  I ask the angels to guard, guide, and bless every one of our footsteps and to get us through the day safe, sound, and protected.  Before falling to sleep, I give thanks and ask that they continue to guard us through the night.

I’ve said many times that I am not a religious person but rather a spiritual one.  I know without a shadow of doubt angels are real and their protection is real.  They will ALWAYS come when called upon.  ALWAYS.

So to all you parents out there, after you hug your children goodbye and send them off to school do your daily work.   It doesn’t matter where you sit, go ahead and your  drink coffee, munch your cereal, or get in the shower.   Spirit could care less about such little things.  Ask the angels to surround your child. visualize in your mind’s eye a huge guardian angel walking beside them.  Put one in their pocket.  Know without a shadow of doubt your child will be watched over by a power greater than yourself.  And if you just can’t wrap your head around angels, then have a star trooper walk with them.  Do whatever works for you.

Put their armor on just as you would their coat and gloves.  It just may be the difference between live and death.

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6 Responses to PUT ON YOUR ARMOR

  1. Linda Apple says:

    Thank you Ruth. Your compassion is such a sweet blessing to me. And I too pray protection for my family every day as well. This world is a broken and frightening place.

  2. We all can but pray that what we do will protect those we love. Sadly, no matter what prayers are said or talks with the angels, someone evil will break the spell just long enough to bring harm to those we love. To imply that those who died were not equally loved by their God or angels or whatever is to fall prey to a belief that what we do is right and somehow what others do is wrong. Love you Ruth, and love your strong beliefs. I can only hope they continue to keep you and yours safe.

  3. Russell says:

    I thought this was a beautiful post and shared it with many of my co-workers and family. I believe in praying for God’s grace and protection. Most of us have a hard time accepting the fact that we are powerless in most life & death situations. Certainly, we do our best to try and protect those we love, but we can’t be there every second, and even if we were, we can’t always alter the outcome of events to suit our preference. This is where faith and trust comes in. You summed that up in a very eloquent way.

    • truthsbyruth says:

      Thank you so much, Russell. So many of my coworkers are scared because they have no control over what could happen. This post was to give those people hope and comfort in knowing that there is, indeed, something they can do.

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