Quite awhile back I posted some blog entries called, “What the Cat Fur,” aka WTCF. This was one of my dad’s favorite sayings. If he were alive today, he’d be asking that question a lot. Since dear ol’ dad has been on the other side for quite some time, it is up to me to carry on the saying. So here goes:

What the cat fur is going on with this world?

I’ve had it. ATT got quite an ear full earlier in the week. Somehow, just out of the blue, my phone bill jumped from $70. to $91.! The tech guy, who was very nice, informed me that ATT hadn’t done anything, it was fees and taxes that caused the increase. Really? Not buying it. He said that he could switch me to U-verse and save me some money.

“Ok,” I said. “How much is this going to cost?”

He went into my account to check and then informed me that my phone number had been locked and he would have to give me a new phone number. What? Evidently, someone other than myself, had try to add services to my phone so as a security deal, ATT locked my phone number. Why ATT couldn’t unlock my number is a question and a mystery, that quite frankly, no one can answer. I laughed my butt off. The tech guy was confused and asked what I thought was so funny, that he was sincere in trying to save me money. He wasn’t trying to sell me anything. Yeah, right. I told him I didn’t trust him, hung up the phone, and went into total meltdown. I was pissed!

I was angry because there was nothing I could do to get my phone bill reduced. I can’t just get phone service like the old days. Oh Nooooooooo. Everything is in a bundle now to help the consumer save money. Bundle my ass! If this bundle thing is so great, why can’t I say what I want in my bundle? Huh? Answer that ATT, Cox, and Dish. Dare ya!

I try to stay positive. Try to live by the Law of Attraction. Hell, I talk-the-talk the least I can do is walk-the-walk. But it is so hard to do when idiots rule the world. I say idiots, but who’s the dumb ass? They are making millions while I struggle along, working just to pay bills. Which is yet another thing that pisses me off!

The world is spinning crooked. While I try to politically correct, wackos are bombing Boston and New York. While I try to believe that I have more than enough money, my phone bill is $100.00, rent goes up, taxes and fees get added, I get a raise only to have my health insurance increase. Gas is $3.39 one day and almost $4.00 the next. AND THERE IS NOTHING I CAN DO ABOUT IT.

God didn’t create this life to be such a struggle and hardship. Life should be enjoyed, by everyone, without fear, hunger, and poverty. I bet He and daddy are hanging out together. I can see God turning to dad and saying, “Elmer, what the cat fur went wrong?”

Turn on the news, all that is being reported are shootings, bombings, death, destruction. We can’t go to a Disney movie and live happy-ever-after anymore because they are killing off the good guys. Oh, and we might get blown away in our movie seats with popcorn on our face as well. Kids can’t go to school without their parents wondering if they will come home. At show and tell, little Johnny pulls out an assault rifle.


I’m sick of the whole mess. I think we should revolt. Kick all the politicians out of Washington and elect good ol’ Americans. Americans that aren’t pussies! You bomb us, by God you have pissed the Eagle off and now you will pay. Big oil? Screw you! We’ll use our own resourses that are being stockpiled and ignored. Take your bundles and stick em’! Tip-toe around and be polite to nutjobs while they bomb, kill, and torture? Nope. Sic em’! I want John Wayne justice. Steal my horse, shoot my dog, rape my wife, you hang! And God Bless America!

I realize this rant makes me look quite violent. I’m not. I’m a very loving, compassionate person. Archangel Michael is very loving and peaceful too, but when necessary, he’ll pull out a flaming sword and cut your ass in half.

Wake up people! Stop being sheep! Dare to ask, “What the Cat Fur!”

Oh, just had a great idea, What the Cat Fur bumper stickers! What ya, think?

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10 Responses to WTCF?????????????????

  1. Jan Morrill says:

    I know what you mean, Ruthie. It’s kind of scary where we seem to be headed. Good for you for ranting so honestly. Wish some of you would rub off on me. Still, I try to count my blessings and your friendship is one of them. Here’s a big, virtual hug for you. {{}}

  2. Ruthie says:

    Thanks, Jan. I know how strong this post is, but I’ve had it. Thank God I have friends like you that understand and support.

  3. “:I realize this rant makes me look quite violent. I’m not. I’m a very loving, compassionate person. Archangel Michael is very loving and peaceful too, but when necessary, he’ll pull out a flaming sword and cut your ass in half.”

    Love that. Not sure what to do about the craziness going on in the world, though. I caught myself muttering another version of WTCF yesterday when I put gas and was grateful it had gone down to $3.27… WTCF?! It ought not to be above $2. Or there ought to be a plethora of affordable solar/battery/eco friendly choices aside from my gas powered car.

  4. Linda Apple says:

    Love it! What the cat fur. Love it!

    Ahhhh life. It never makes sense and will never make sense. What made sense to us didn’t make sense to our parents. What doesn’t make sense to us will be the norm for our grandchildren. Our children will be saying WTCF and our grandchildren will look at them like WYP? What’s your problem?

    Maybe that is why the good book says we are aliens in this world, passing through to a place that will make perfect sense and holds perfect peace.

  5. frog5 says:

    Dandy diatribe! 🙂

  6. rgayer55 says:

    Well, Pilgrim, don’t feel better now that you’ve got that off your chest? Health insurance is one that makes the fur stand up on the back of my neck. When I started with Tyson (about the time Noah was born) the “family plan” was $10 a week and covered everything. Now, it’s over $100 and covers virtually nothing. I wish they’d at least apply a little lubricant before screwing me.

    • truthsbyruth says:

      Hahaha. I can always count on you, Russell for a smile. Ain’t it the truth about health insurance? I have never used mine (knock on wood) but still continue to pay for it.

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