Ok, ok, I know. I know. I should be blogging everyday. Getting my name out there. But what to talk about? People who know me can’t believe I have nothing to say, but it does happen. Some of my fellow writers do a “word of the day” post, some do “the quote of the day.” So I’ve decided to do the “Color of the Day.”

Today’s color is green.

Mama’s favorite color was green.

Green stands for prosperity because the color of money is green. But green is also healing energy.

With all the rain we been getting, my trees are brilliant green. And huge!

To be honest with you, the reason I picked green for today’s color has nothing to do with my spiritiual side. Nope. I picked green because my vacuum cleaner is green. My old cleaner died. Have no idea what it’s problem was, it just didn’t suck. A non-sucking vacuum cleaner is just plain useless. Down to Wally World I went to get a new cleaner. Crap. How many vacuum cleaners are there? How would I ever decide?

When in doubt, pick the pretty one!

I bought a green Eureka vacuum.Of course I had to assemble the damn thing when I got home. Why? Why do I have to spend a small fortune on something that just sucks and then have to put it togehter? Grrr! Ok. I thought I got every part where it’s supposed to go. I plugged it in and nothing! It didn’t suck worth spit! Just moved the dirt around. I have two cats. Where was all the hair? I know there’s enough cat hair in my rug to make a kitten, but none of it was in the container. WTF?

I got so pissed, I threw the vacuum in the backroom and sulked. For a month! Finally, I gave in. I’d have to pack the thing up, take it back to Wally World during their annual share-holders insanity, and get a more powerful sweeper. Probably a drab gray one. But wait! Maybe, just maybe, could I’ve put it together wrong? Naw. Not me.

I got out the instructions.

Gee, who knew? I had to set the thing on low carpet/bare floor setting and turn a little dial to rug instead of tools. Really? Can’t I just plug it in, turn it on, and let it do it’s thing? God! Life is so complicated.

Good news is, I have enough kitty hair to make a litter!

I love my new GREEN vacuum cleaner!

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9 Responses to COLOR OF THE DAY: GREEN

  1. Yeah. Good analogy for life. Life sucks and then you figure out you’ve put the damn thing together all wrong. Who knew?

  2. Good post Ruth and Pam’s comment is pretty good too!

  3. Who knew they made colored vacuum cleaners. Wonder if I can get a purple one. We moved into a house with all carpets. Old one had all hardwood floors. Guess who doesn’t have a vacuum cleaner? Have every variety of floor duster, wiper, sucker and washer, but no carpet sucker. Dang. Guess I’ll have to go to Wally World. Ruth, do you make house calls to put it together for me. Enjoyed your post. So you.

  4. rgayer55 says:

    First of all, I love the picture. Is she cleaning house, or heading out for a midnight ride?
    Ain’t life funny. Most of the time you want something that doesn’t suck–and it does. And when you finally want something that will suck–it won’t.
    Sound like you followed the male mantra. If all else fails, read the instructions.

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