Yellow is the color of cheer.

I always wanted to paint my kitchen yellow. I never have . . . yet. However, I can picture the room in my mind’s eye. A warm summer’s day, windows open above the sink, curtains blowing in the breeze, I sit at the kitchen table with a tall, cool glass of iced tea and maybe a plate of fresh sliced tomatoes surrounded by bright yellow walls. Yep, once of these days I will have a yellow kitchen.

Yellow is also the color of French’s mustard. Mustard and hot dogs. Why do people criticize the all-mighty hot dog saying how bad they are for your health and that they’re made from everything but the kitchen sink? Of course, these are the same people who gobble them up at cookouts, charred so black it’s hard to recognize them. (the hot dogs are charred, not the people) Yellow mustard on grilled hotdogs. Good stuff!

Pale yellow is the color of alot of spirits I see. I usually don’t see spirits with my physical eye, but when I do they’re pale yellow. Even though all I ever see is their outline, I can tell if it’s male or female just by the energy surrounding the form. When I see auras, they are nearly always pale yellow. What the meaning of a pale yellow aura is, I have no idea. But I like to think it’s just a cooled-down version of the brilliant radiance that surrounds spirits from the higher realms. Huh. I wonder what color their kitchens are?

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