Rhinos are grey.

I have a calendar at work of baby wild animals. For the month of June it’s a baby rhinoceros on the page. Geez Louise, what was God thinking? Anyone who knows me, knows I love animals and there’s no such thing as an ugly baby animal. But if there was, the baby rhino wins the prize! Grey as ashes, big head, beady eyes, and that honking horn in the middle of his face. Whew! I’ll be glad when June is over, and I can flip the page.

Actually, grey is a very pretty color. Grey slacks with a black top, classy! A grey car with black interior, cool. And grey kitty cats? Awesome!

My Punkin cat is grey with white paws and a white throat. She looks like she’s wearing gloves and a vest. Very petite and verbal! She talks all the time. Have no idea what’s she saying. My black cat, Pan, speaks English but Punkin’s never learned. Punkin can jump like a deer. Throw a catnip mouse in the air, and she’s flying after it. And plastic Wal-Mart sacks are plain dead meat when she’s around. She’s very much a lap kitty too. Almost to the point of being a big nuisance. Every time I sit down, she’s in my lap. But, I love her.

Grey hairs sucks! I color my hair ’cause if I didn’t I’d look like frosty the snowman. Some women can go completely grey and it looks beautiful. My friend, BigFoot Pam has all grey hair with a purple streak. Love that purple streak. It’s like telling the world, “yes, I’m down-to-earth, and logical, but I do get a wild hair every once in awhile.” I’ve had frosted hair, blonde hair, chestnut hair, and now burgundy hair.

Hmm . . . I wonder what a lime-green streak in burgundy hair would look like?

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8 Responses to COLOR OF THE DAY: GREY

  1. Sylvia says:

    Ruth, did you know that two of the five species of rhinoceros are called the white rhinoceros and the black rhinoceros? However, both of them are actually gray. Makes no sense to me, either! I got to touch one adult white rhinoceros once, during a supervised encounter at the zoo (for freelance writers), but there were BIG metal bars between me and it, and even then I was a bit worried. They are powerful!
    I love Pam’s purple streak, as well. I’d call it her “creative streak,” except that it’s not nearly big enough to represent all her creativity!

  2. Jan Morrill says:

    Ruth, if anyone can pull off a lime-green streak, you can!

  3. As usual you made my day with your blog post. Especially the hair coloring stuff. In my younger days I too experimented. Now I let nature rip. She has her own sense of humor and I’m white on top and still a dirty blonde in the back. Maybe I need a streak.

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