Electric blue was the color of my first car. A 1971 Ford Maverick.

I was scheduled to start my freshman year at the University of Arkansas in September 1971. We lived only five miles from campus. It never occurred to me to stay anywhere but home. However, I guess the thought of me asking to live on campus was a big concern for Mama and Daddy.

I was at Girl Scout camp that summer busy being the best Girl Scout Counselor ever, when I got a letter from home that made me turn cartwheels. Daddy said if I agreed to live at home and go to school, he would buy me a brand new car of my own. Now, I ask you. What idiot would say no to that deal? I had no idea what kind of car or the color. Why look a gift horse in the mouth? I couldn’t wait to get home.

Daddy and Mama bought me a new Ford Maverick. Very, very cute car. And the color was an eye-popping electric blue. Hot damn! I felt like the big woman on campus driving that car. It wasn’t too big or too little. It fit me to a T. My brother attended electrical apprentice school and drove to Fort Smith every Thursday night for class for four years. Every once in a while I’d let him take Blue to school to “blow the cobs out of her.” This flabbergasted my friends. They couldn’t believe I’d let my brother drive my car.

Alas, Ford doesn’t make the Maverick anymore. Occasionally I’ll see a beaten down version that triggers instant memories. To this day, my favorite color of car is electric blue.

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  1. Jack LaBloom says:

    I don’t think anyone ever forgets their first car. Great post, Ruth.

  2. rgayer55 says:

    My first car was blue also, a 1954 Chevy. I have many fond memories of that vehicle.

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