Tears for my Friend


Sometimes life sucks. There's no other way to say it.

Yesterday, I lost a friend. Dax. How can a cat be a buddy you may ask? Well, if you have to ask, I'm not wasting my time trying to explain.

I was introduced to Dax a few years ago. I'd never seen a Maine Coon cat and his size took my breath away. He was beautiful. Thick and furry, and a kiss-my-butt attitude that made me love him that much more. He slept in bed with me on a few occasions. How comforting to reach over and feel him pressed against my leg. I brushed him a few times as well. He endured me pulling on his hair without so much as a dirty look. And I laughed at him more than once when he slapped little Milo kitten across the floor with a paw as big as a bear cub's.

Dax's mama is my close friend, Patty. He passed away in her arms. While this is heart wrenching, I also think it's very special. Dax needed his Mama, and Mama was there. I know it made his passing that much smoother and peaceful.

My friend, Linda also lost her kitty, Dickins a few months ago. I cried for Dickins and Linda, and I'm crying for Patty and Dax. Like I said, sometimes life sucks. However, it does go on. And so will Patty. And Linda. And me. But there is a corner in our hearts that will always remain empty.

Pets enrich our lives. They give comfort. Love. Companionship. Pets are little pieces of God with four paws and a tail.

Dax and Dickins will return. My Sissy cat will too. Until then we'll cry, grieve, and remember.

Rest in peace, Dax, Dickins, and Sissy.

And know you were and still are, loved.

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9 Responses to Tears for my Friend

  1. Linda Apple says:

    You are a blessing, dear one. Such a sweet post. Our babies are probably chasing mice in kitty heaven, lapping up cream, and rolling in catnip. At least, that is what I am envisioning. 🙂

  2. I’m not sure it’s true, but I’ve always heard that when asked if there were animals in heaven, St. Francis replied, “Well, it’ll be a helluva place if there aren’t.”
    Dax really was a special boy.

  3. Jan Morrill says:

    A beautiful post, Ruthie. What a good friend you are. ❤

  4. Duke Pennell says:

    I’m still not over losing my cat chum, Lovey, one of the most onery and loving critters I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. It doesn’t get any easier as time goes by, but it does somehow become more bearable.

  5. Sorry ladies, its always hard to let them go. But they will remain in your hearts forever.

  6. There’s only one sad thing about having a pet. It’s that they almost always leave this earth before we do. So sorry about Dax. What a beautiful loving friend.

  7. rgayer55 says:

    Pets do enrich our lives. It always hurts to see them go.

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