Color of the Day: HOT FLAMINGO PINK



When I rolled out of bed this Monday morning between feeding the cats, making the bed, and gawking at my closet looking for something to wear, I wondered what the work week would bring. Not in my wildest dreams did I think I would be constructing a flamingo. Yep. You heard right. A flamingo. See? I just never know what challenges await me at my job.

This week we are having a celebration for all the hard work we do. Part of the planned festivities include a contest for the best made flamingo. Good God. Where to start? First, we had to download a picture of what this hot pink bird looked like. Next we brainstormed on not only how we were going to create this fowl but what materials were need. Thank the Lord I’m surrounded by very talented and creative people. Write a short story? No sweat. Write a 100,000 word novel? No problem. Make a bird? Hmm . . . duh. Clueless.

With a plan and materials in hand, my co-workers and I created Larry.

By-the-way,Larry is also a new species of flamingo. He’s the first Redneck Flamingo. Why do I call him this? Because he’s made out of: chicken wire for his body, tons of pink and orange duck tape, rubber gloves for this feet, PVC pipe for his legs, a flexible aluminum dryer hose for his neck, and a plastic banana for his beak.

I wanted to dress him in camo’s and hang a duck call around his neck. Duck Dynasty eat your heart out. But, alas, I was outvoted.

Hot damn! Ain’t creativity fun?

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2 Responses to Color of the Day: HOT FLAMINGO PINK

  1. rgayer55 says:

    Is that your grass skirt I see next to Larry? I suppose you have coconut shells as well?

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