Color of the Day: WHITE

white cat

Is white every color or the absence of color? Maybe the absence of color is black. I can never keep that straight.

White is the color of my front porch. One of the things I wanted to get done while on vacation was paint my front porch. A few years ago (when I painted it, yet again) I painted it tan. Hmm . . . it didn’t turn out the way I pictured, but I’d be damned if I was going to repaint it. I intended on repainting last year. That never happened. My porch looked like crap, people. I HAD to paint this year.

There are certain rules where I live and one of them states that a porch, deck, and/or any outside buildings have to match the color of your home. Since my home is white with black shutters that means the porch would either be all black or all white. What I really wanted to do was paint the porch white but the rails black. Give it the Baldwin Piano look. However, I didn’t want to spend that much time on it, so white it was.

My fairy god-mother, or in this case, god-father bought the paint for me. One gallon …$30.00. What! You got to be kidding. I painted the porch on Tuesday. It rained Tuesday night. Wednesday morning, you guessed it, some of the paint had washed away. Damn! It’s hotter than billy-blue-blazes out there folks. I would rather sit in the air than sweat my butt off painting, yet again. I repainted Wednesday night. Everything looked great. The dazzling-clean-look inspired me to go and buy pretty potted plants to dress up the place even more. And guess what? Last night it rained, and yes, it washed some of the paint away. God!

Looking beautiful is a never ending struggle.

White was the color of my cat, Casper. Casper was white with blue eyes. Some blue-eyed white cats are deaf. My parents had such a cat. Her name was Tit-Tat. This was before I was born, so I didn’t know Tit-Tat. Casper was my buddy. He was also very . . . hmm . . . cantankerous? He’d claw ya faster than greased lightning. Casper grew up with my dog, Astro. Astro and Casper would play as pup and kitten. Very, very cute to watch. Just goes to show you, we all can get along if we try.

To hell with the rules. Maybe next year I’ll paint that cursed porch, ruckus, rowdy red.

Grandma would like that.

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1 Response to Color of the Day: WHITE

  1. II vote for red. Did you know that back in the day women of pleasure put a red light bulb on their front porch to signify what they did for a living? Thought you’d enjoy that. My grandmother thought it was a sin for a woman to wear red, and my mother being the rebel, loved to wear red and did so a lot, though she had bright red hair. I’ve heard people claim white is all color, but if you are an artist and mix your colors, you know that black is when you mix all the colors, not white. Have a great weekend.

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