Color of the Day: SILVERY GLITTER

horse in dirt

Ever see a horse roll in the dirt after he’s been unsaddled? Pure delight. I figure it’s a lot like a woman kicking off her shoes and tearing off the bra after a hard day at the office.

Dogs like to roll in dirt after they’ve had a bath. My horse did that as well. Kinda defeated the whole purpose, didn’t it? Daddy had a solution to that problem. If you’ve read any of my blogs, you’ll know that my dad was . . .well . . . a character. He used the vacuum cleaner on that golden buckskin of his. I guess it must’va felt good to Prissy for her to stand so quiet, but you’d think the noise would’ve sent her flying into orbit, along with my dad. Notice I said daddy vacuumed his horse. My gelding would’ve demolished the barn, corral, fence, and house just looking at that Hoover rolling toward him.

I just never knew what ol’ dad was going to do.

One Saturday afternoon, Mama and I returned home from some errand only to find the backdoor standing wide open. We walked into the utility room to be greeted by the strong odor of horse manure. Yep. You heard right. Horseshit. Daddy walked his beloved buckskin filly into the house. “Why?”, you ask. Funny,that’s just what Mama said, more or less. “I wanted to see if she would come in,” was Daddy’s answer. Well, she not only came in but made herself right at home as well and crapped all over the floor. Thank goodness the utility room floor was concrete. Good thing he had it cleaned up by the time we got home. I have no idea what Mama would’ve done if he hadn’t. Of course he never told us where Prissy was while he cleaned up the mess. Drinking out of the kitchen sink? Grazing on the violets? Sleeping in my bed? Ignorance is bliss.

Shedding the saddle, rolling in the dirt, kicking off shoes and bra, is joy, relaxation, and freedom at it’s best–the color of silvery glitter.

Not sure what color a horse in your house would be.

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2 Responses to Color of the Day: SILVERY GLITTER

  1. rgayer55 says:

    We have a pink elephant instead.

  2. As usual, a wonderful story, Ruth. My Tennessee Walker, Katy, was raised by a couple of kids and I was told that very often they would run through the house, tiny colt trailing along. She often stood at the window gazing in when she could escape her pasture, which was often.

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