Color of the Day: Colton Blue


This post is in honor of baby Colton, born on August 24th.

Colton is the grandson of a co-worker of mine, Angela.

Ever wonder who decided pink is for girls and blue is for boys? Just who make up that rule? I’m a girl and I like blue. Why aren’t girls blue and boys, oh I don’t know, let’s say, green. Green is a good color. It means abundance and healing. That’s a good thing, right? Hmm . . . come to think of it, green is too good of a color for boys. Let’s keep boys blue and change girls to green. Yep. That works better.

I looked up the meaning of the name, Colton. Get this . . . it means “Coal town, or Cola’s town.” WTF? I dug deeper and found that Colton has an Old English origin that means a “swarthy” person. Swarthy? Had to look that up. Swarthy means a person of dark complexion. The name can also mean, “a town of colt breeding.” Wow. Meaning of names must be made up by the same person who determined girls are pink and boys are blue. But because I like horses, I think I’ll go with the colt breeding town.

Colton was born on August 24, which makes him a Virgo. Just barely. He is on what we enlightened individuals like to say, the cusp. He has a lot of Leo in him as well. Leo is a fire sign. Passionate. Head-stong. Likes to rush into places where the brave dare not go.

Virgo is an earth sign. Practical. Grounded. Picky. Will make a plan A but will always have a plan B, C. and D just in case.

So I guess, Colton will rush in but will always have a plan of attack in his hip pocket.

At any rate, welcome to the world Baby Colton. May the stars bless and keep you. I know Grandma Angela will!

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