Color of the Day: Neapolitan

ice cream

Don’t faint, people. I know it’s been a coon’s age since my last blog entry, but I have a great excuse. Tendinous.

I’ve been fighting a flare up of tendinous in my right arm that has spread to my shoulder and neck for over a month. Let me tell you, that stuff hurts. Take an ice pick jam it into your elbow then ram it down the big tendon in the middle of your arm that runs to your hand. This will give you some idea of how painful tendinous is. Work sent me to the doctor who did nothing. NOTHING! Said to grin and bear it. WTF? So, I’m eating Advil like M&M’s, smearing Tiger Balm over my right side, and grinning like a possum while I type. Writing has been extremely difficult. In my efforts to find relief, ice-cream has played a major role.

There is something about the creamy smoothness of ice-cream that soothes all pain. The cold richness slides down the throat easy and cool and gets gives off an aura of good feelings no matter what hurts.

As a kid, chocolate ice-cream was my favorite. Mama liked strawberry, and Daddy only ate vanilla. With her infinite wisdom, Mama pleased everyone by buying Neapolitan ice-cream. Neapolitan has all three flavors in the same carton. Ingenious!

Also, as a kid, I thought it was called Napoleon ice-cream and that was why history books was full of pictures of Napoleon. Duh. Funny how kid’s mind’s work. (Or at least mine.)

Are the feel good properties of ice-cream psychological? Maybe. Who cares? Ice-cream does a body good. Period.

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4 Responses to Color of the Day: Neapolitan

  1. We always had Neapolitan when I was a kid too. With five kids in the family that was the only way to please everyone. I hope you’re better soon.

  2. rgayer55 says:

    Ice cream does do a body good and is great for the mind as well. I called it Napoleon too. According to my recollection of history, it was at the battle of Two Scoop Sugar Cone were he met his Waterloo. I think the word you’re looking for is tendinitis–a very Neapolitan version of tendinous.

  3. Good to read you again, Ruth. This is the beginning of you learning what it feels like to get old. There is always something hurting. One thing clears up and another hits. Like you, I just grin and bear it. Left arm propped on chair arm because to hold it up gives much the sensation you spoke of. At your age, though, young that is, it’ll probably clear up in a while. I too love ice cream, but Don can’t have it and I feel guilty eating it in front of him. Sugarless is nasty cause it also has fake fat in it, which is gruesome in the mouth. Hope you get better soon. Want to see you.

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