Color of the Week: COUGAR CAT YELLOW

yellow cat

My life has been blessed with many different sizes, shapes, and color of cats.

The first cat I can remember was Grandma’s. Pussy cat was black with orange marble markings. She mostly hung-out in Grandma’s bedroom chair.

Then there was Jim Cat. I believe Jim Cat was Pussy Cat’s son, but it’s been so far back, I may have made that up. Jim Cat was a long-haired, golden-yellow cat with beautiful eyes. Funny, I don’t remember if his eyes were yellow, green, or blue. I only know there was a lot of love shining in them. Jim Cat was really by oldest-brother’s cat but in true cat fashion, he blessed all of us with his attention. He would jump in my lap and help me read. At night he would sit outside my bedroom door protecting me from the things that go bump in the night.

Sylvester was another yellow cat who found his way to our house. He was a scrappy, tough tomcat who fought anything that moved, killed and ate copperheads, and was the most loving, sweetest character on four legs God ever sent my way.

Daddy usually named the animals. He had that nack of finding the one name that fit. He never really called the cats by their names, however. Most of the time he called them Cougar Cats, Cougar Kitties, or Kitty-Coots.

My writing buddy friend, Patty, aka Claire Croxton has a yellow kitty cat. She named him Milo. I was fortunate to meet Milo the day Patty acquired him. OMG! Cute, cute, cute! He came bouncing up to me like we known each other forever. Milo is Patty’s cat, Leo reincarnated. Now, Milo is quite the character. He’s hyper-active and I get tickled watching the wheels turn in his head trying to figure out what to get into next. Patty gets quite annoyed at Milo but then he curls on her neck, hides in her long hair, and all is forgiven. Patty also get annoyed with me when I come to visit because I get Milo riled up and then leave. hahaha. Isn’t that what grandma’s do?

I love all the cats in the world. Big jungle cats, pumas, and am currently writing a new novel that features a jaguar. I’ve had yellow, black, white, and grey kitties. But my all time favorite color is Cougar Cat Yellow.

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