Jaguars Rule the Night

jaguar 2

I’m so excited. After two years, my new book, The Church of the Howling Moon is almost completed. I’ll be honest, I could’ve gotten it done sooner but for whatever reason, the time is now. Which leads me to an interesting discovery I’ve made when it comes to writing.

Every conference, every writing class, every author (including myself) will say you must write every day. I got a problem with that. I work 8-5. Sometimes I get home ten minutes before by butt drags up the porch and falls into the house. I’m mentally pooped. I sit for 8 hours a day in front of a computer and type. When I get home the last thing I want to do is plop my rear in a chair and write in front of my computer. Some would say that is just an excuse. To those people I would say, “love ya.”

Your first book is so important for a variety of reasons, the main one being, it’s your first book. But the lessons that first book will teach you are golden. I forced myself to write everyday with Soldiers From the Mist. I also rushed the ending. While the book is very good, it could’ve been better if I’d let it come naturally. I made myself a promise that I would never force a book to come to me but rather let it unfold in its own time and space. Books and characters have no knowledge of time. Let them speak at their on pace. So if it takes five, two, or one year to finish, then so be it. However, with that being said, in my head, I was writing every day.

In The Church of the Howling Moon, my main character, Bethany Ann shapeshifts into a jaguar. Bethany Ann lives in the swamps of Louisiana. Jaguars don’t frequent that area. So why a jaguar you ask? Well, the main answer is because that’s what Bethany Ann told me. But that makes perfect sense. Jaguars are tied to the moon, are high feminine energy, and are just plain cool

Jaguars rule the night.

So for all you beginning writers out there and veterans too. Don’t rush. Give your story and characters all the time they need to say what is on their mind. They may just surprise you. And if you want to stick a clown in the middle of a Western, go with it.

Creativity spits in the face of rules.

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4 Responses to Jaguars Rule the Night

  1. You are so right, Ruth, but as I grow older I feel something sneaking up on me. A closing, an ending to what I’m doing on this earth, so, being blessed with retirement, I write furiously. We should all go at the pace that life sets for us. Whether it be slowly or quickly. Love you, too, darling

  2. Linda Apple says:

    Ya know Ruthie? Some how I highly doubt you’d say “love ya.” 🙂 Great post by the way!

  3. nancyhartney says:

    Agreed! Creativity spits in the face of rules.

  4. I think sometimes my characters are telling me to take a day off 😉

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