Beware the Psychic Vampire


On the trail to spiritual enlightenment I heard many new terms such as Karma, reincarnation, and channeling. The most interesting term was “Psychic Vampire.” I knew what psychic meant. I knew what a vampire was. But psychic vampire? What the catfur was this?

Simply put, a psychic vampire is a person who sucks energy out of you into his/hers own body. Sucks your energy, your power, and your life.These suckers are quite sneaky and deceptive. They look harmless. The may be doctors, lawyers, psychologists, or Indian chiefs. People like, even respect them. Feel sorry for them. Make excuses for them. Ah, beware! These life-suckers employ many different ways to steal your energy. Like what? Well, the most common way,for example, is what I call the “woe-is-me-syndrome.”

Eore, the donkey in Winnie the Pooh, has woe-is-me syndrome. He drags his tail in the dirt, head down, no energy, no life, just shuffles through the world wanting people to feel sorry for him. People affected by this condition attach themselves to others who are upbeat and lively to suck their happiness dry. Consequently, they leave the encounter feeling great while the their victim goes home exhausted and grumpy not understanding why.

Wake up!

This weekend I was in the company of a psychic vampire. He worked the room. Slumped shoulders, a weak smile, a, “please feel sorry for me, I’m all alone, no one loves me” look on his face. Yeah right. While people were talking with him, he was sucking the life energy right out of them. Stealing their power.

Sad, but true, we all know psychic vampires. I’ve severed relationship due to this condition. And plan to cut another one loose. Sometimes I hated to do it. Even tried to make the vampire aware of what they were doing only to have them come unglued and tear me a new one, telling others, “Ruth is such a bitch. woe-is-me I’m all alone now. No one loves me. Everyone hates me.” In a effort to hurt me, they spread untrue, harmful lies and rumors not only about me but the people I loved as well. Thankfully, the ones who know and love me dismissed the pitiful barbs as bullshit.

Bite me.

Friends do not steal each other’s power. Instead, we bring theirs to the forefront.

Also this weekend, I witnessed a person taking their power back. What a wonderful sight. Oh, how my heart sang! I was so proud.

How do you stop these leeches from attacking? Simple. Tell them, “no!” Then ignore them.

Never, ever surrender your power.

Stay alert. Be aware. Psychic vamps are everywhere.

Only you can prevent being sucked!

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8 Responses to Beware the Psychic Vampire

  1. Sorchia D says:

    Reblogged this on Sorchia's Universe and commented:
    As usual, Ruth nails it–this time with a wooden spike through the heart.

  2. Ruth, no one could steal your energy. You are like a fusion reaction seeking a dead battery to charge up. You light up every room you enter. Vampires cannot withstand your brilliance.

  3. Jan Morrill says:

    Friends are like garlic to a psychic vampire. 🙂

  4. I recently ditched my psychic vampire as well. What an amazing feeling! Congrats on taking back yoir power.

  5. Pretty heady thoughts and food for self-examination. I’ve known (er, make that know) psychic vampires. Eleanor Roosvelt put it another way: No one can make you feel inferior without your permission. Thanks for the new spin on protecting self.

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