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Remember Andy Roonie on the TV news show 60 Minutes? The last five minutes of the show he’d come on and ask the question, “Did you ever wonder?” “Did you ever wonder how the lead gets in the pencil?” or something like this. Today, I’m taking a tip from ol’ Andy and asking the question, “Is it just me?”

Is it just me:

A. Who wonders how we survived before cell phones? Texting is an epidemic rapidly morphing into a plague. TX-sickness spreads fast. No where or no one is safe. At work. Car. School. Board Meetings. Even in the freaking bathroom! Seriously, people. The bathroom?

B. Who forgets why they went to WalMart? The minute those sneaky greeters say, “Welcome to Wal-Mart,” my mind goes blank. I think they’re trained in sleath tactis. Steal the brain. I stumble around the store and struggle to remember what I want, consequently, I buy the whole damn store only to get home to realize I didn’t get what I originally went there for. I have to go back. The adventure begins again. It’s a conspiracy.

C. Who wants to crawl inside my cat’s head (or dog) to find out what she’s thinking? How she sees me?

D. Who wants to pull the fire alarm? Just once?

E. Who wonders if we have the best Unitied States president ever but who will never get elected because he/she is poor?

F. Who wonders who made up the first words? Did a caveman say a rock was to be called a rock? Who wrote this down?

G. Who wonders why children go hungry in American when we have more than enough? And how this is allowed to go on?

H. Who wants old West justice to return? Steal my horse, hurt my family, take my dog, you hang!

I. Who wonders about this stuff?

How about you? What do you wonder about? Inquiring minds want to know.

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3 Responses to IS IT JUST ME?

  1. Ruth, you wondered about many of the things I wonder about as well. I wonder why men who risked their lives fighting for their country have to fight to get medical treatment, or live on the streets homeless. Can’t we do better by them than this? A thing to particularly wonder the day before Memorial Day. I wonder also why news stations dwell on worthless human beings who stay drunk or whatever all the time and never mention the hero who is going to receive the country’s highest honor, the Medal of Honor.William Kyle Carpenter is his name and he will be the eighth living veteran of the Iraq war to receive this honor. He is retired now, a Marine who spent 2 1/2 years in a hospital recovering from his wounds.
    Yeah, hell yeah, I wonder.

  2. Lori Ericson says:

    I love your musings, and Velda’s response is truly moving.
    I wonder if we’ll ever have newsmen like Andy Rooney again!

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