Beneath the Shadow


Daddy made my brother and I go to Sunday school every week. I hated it. I was forced to crawl out of warm blankets during the week to attend public school, and now I had to give up sleeping-in on week-end day to go to yet another school? Grrrr!

Looking back on those Sunday mornings sitting in little red chairs listening to stories of David and Goliath, Daniel and the Lion’s Den, learning the Ten Commandments, and everything else a good little Christian girl should know, two main things stuck with me all these years:
1. God is Love: He is ALWAYS with you
2. The hymns we sang

One of my favorite hymns is by Mary Baker Eddy called, “Oh Gentle Presence.” There is a line in this song that starts, “Beneath the shadow of His mighty wing.” This line and hymn got me through many tough situations. I hummed the tune all night long going through a hurricane in Galveston, Texas. In my mind’s eye I pictured a huge mama duck gathering and hugging her little ducklings to the safety of her warm side, then covering them with her big, white wing. All hell could be breaking loose, but under the shadow of that wing, all were safe. I sang the hymn cowering in my closet during a wild thunder storm when tornadoes roamed all around me. Anytime I feel threatened or alone, I think of that one line, “Beneath the Shadow of His mighty wing.” The words give me comfort and makes me feel safe.

The hymn came back to me this morning. A friend of mine is going through some really funky stuff right now. No matter how many times she’s told she is loved and has many friends, I feel her thoughts. They tell her, she’s all alone. No one cares. No one understands. But all it not lost. Universe sent my friend a mama duck. Mama Duck tucked my friend to her warm side and took her to her house. She covered my friend with her huge wing of love, protection, and compassion. Yet again, the words of, “Oh Gentle Presence” popped into my head.

Everything in life is connected one way or another. Maybe we’ll never know the how or why or even realize the tie. That doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Maybe, now that I’ve made you aware of these words, someday they may comfort you. Who knows? But I do know one thing. If Daddy hadn’t taken me to Sunday school I never would’ve sang those words, “Beneath the shadow of His mighty wing.”

Believe me, that would’ve been more tragic then losing a few hours sleep on a Sunday morning.

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5 Responses to Beneath the Shadow

  1. Okay. Now I’m crying. See you soon, sweet Ruth.

  2. Jan Morrill says:

    Beautiful, Ruth. I’m going to learn the words to that song, and yes, I believe everything is connected, and thank goodness for Mama Ducks. 🙂 Hugs!

  3. Thanks, Ruth. Well put! Need that hymn on my phone for tough situations – hopefully not hurricane tough!

  4. Linda Apple says:

    Oh so beautiful. So encouraging and so right on. Thank you Ruthie.

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