The Long Island Medium-Theresa Caputo

When book-hunting, the first thing that draws my attention is the cover. Next to a great title, the book cover grabs by attention and makes me pick up the book. Then I flip it over to read the blurbs on the back. A great blurb, especially from someone I know or have heard of, often times determines if I buy or pass.

My new novel, Daughter of the Howling Moon, is due to be released late this year from Pen-L Publishing. I’m proud of everything I write, but this book is extra-special to me. For one thing, all of it was channeled. From the first word to the last, I depended on my character, Bethany Ann to give me her story. It wasn’t until the 12th chapter that she trusted me enough to finally give me the plot and where this story was headed. Until then, she just gave me one chapter at a time. While I always channel my characters and story, Howling Moon is the only book that I had absolutely had no idea what-so-ever where it was going, the characters, or how it would end up. I wanted to get a great blurb for this one.

I’ve been a fan of the Long Island Medium for a few years. I found her while channel-surfing one day. Theresa Caputo is a charismatic, sensitive, extremely gifted medium with big hair-sprayed blonde hair,manicured nails, and a smile bigger than Dallas. As a tarot card reader, it’s always interesting to me to watch how others read. Theresa is a medium, not a tarot reader. She gives clients messages from their departed loved ones of hope, love, and closure. She isn’t shy about it either. She’s given messages to strangers walking by on the street, while in line at the drive-thru, in restaurants, anywhere and everywhere. I like her moxy and respect her gift, which even she says, sometimes surprises her. She is the real deal.

I wrote her for a blurb.

I sent her a synopsis of Daughter of the Howling Moon. Last week I got a hand-written thank you card from The Long Island Medium, saying “I really appreciate you wanting to share your story with me! Best of luck with your book!” Signed with a heart and her name, Theresa.

Holy crap! I did my happy dance, scaring the cats half to death. This is huge, at least in my mind.

You better believe I’m a huge fan for sure. If you want to see the “real deal” tune into the Long Island Medium on TLC. Theresa will make you gasp, cry, and laugh.

And remember, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Reach for the stars. One just might fall into your pocket . . . or your mailbox.

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3 Responses to The Long Island Medium-Theresa Caputo

  1. Beth Carter says:

    Great story. Best of luck with your novel. Interesting how you channeled your character and smart move to send the synopsis to the Long Island Medium.

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