Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition


Here is my fourth painting inspired by my novel, Daughter of the Howling Moon due out this November from Pen-L Publishing.

The Bible represents the villan in the story, Reverend Jedidiah Wayne. Ol’ Jed and Ol’ Scratch are partners in crime. Jed hides behind the collar. Preaching the Word while committing sins against the most innocent. It is not intended to be a cut on organized religion. No doubt, however some will perceive it that way. To those I say, bless you. Well, not really. What I really want to say, is shame on you. Enough said.

The pistol represents the co-hero in the book, Deputy Sheriff Benjamin Sol. Benjamin has lost his spiritual faith but stands strong in his belief in the physical law. But can the physical defeat the non-physical? Even he asks, “how can you shoot something that moves like smoke?”

The jaguar in the picture is the hero of the story, Bethany Ann. Bethany Ann is a daughter of the Howling Moon and is able to walk through many dimensions. Among many other things, she represents balance. Remember the old saying, “Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition?” To function in the world it takes 50% spiritual belief and 50% physical action.

The vines and thorns that border the picture come into play in the story. Just how, I’m not saying. Got to read the book.

I love painting these pictures and have tons more ideas, but I have no place to hang them! I’m out of wall space. Will that stop me from drawing? Doubt it.

Never stop creativity for the sake of practicality.

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2 Responses to Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition

  1. “Never stop creativity for the sake of practicality” – best advice I’ve had all week! Thanks, Ruth.

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