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Yea God!

On my way to lunch the other day I cut down a back street to avoid traffic. The sun was shining. A soft breeze blew. It was one of those magical fall days that I love so well. Perfect weather. … Continue reading

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One of the many reasons I love the movie, The Da Vinci Code is the relationship between Langdon and Sophie. Thankfully Dan Brown did not make their relationship a romantic one. I heard he was criticized for this, the public … Continue reading

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Caroll O’Connor = Sheriff Buford Tate

One of the most asked questions I get as a writer is, “where do you come up with your ideas?” If you were in a room of 100 writers and asked this question, odds are you’d get 100 different answers. … Continue reading

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The Voodoo Queen of New Orleans

A few years ago I took a Caribbean cruise. It was a Carnival cruise and the ship docked in New Orleans. I had one day to explore this City. OMG! What a wild time. Yes, Bourbon Street is wild and … Continue reading

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