Da Vinci

One of the many reasons I love the movie, The Da Vinci Code is the relationship between Langdon and Sophie. Thankfully Dan Brown did not make their relationship a romantic one. I heard he was criticized for this, the public wanted a love story. The Da Vinci Code, however is not a romance. While there is great love between Langdon and Sophie, a romance between them would’ve ruined the story. Langdon would’ve died for Sophie. Sophie would’ve died for Langdon. For he was her Knight. Her hero.

When writing my new novel, Daughter of the Howling Moon, I too was criticized for not having a love relationship develop between Bethany Ann and Benjamin. But, just like the Da Vinci Code, Daughter of the Howling Moon is far from a romance. I wanted the reader to concentrate of the message of good verses evil. A physical relationship between the two protagonists would’ve muddied the water. However, that is not to say, there isn’t great love between the two.

Bethany Ann says it the best:

“Split-in-halves are souls that make a pact of strong friendship long before they step into human skin. Their bond is golden, blessed by all that is holy. It’s a special tie that can’t be unraveled and no power on heaven or earth can destroy. Split-in-halves never marry or have romantic feelings between them. Benjamin would always be extra-special to me and we were willing to die for one another. But he would never be my beau, or me, his.”

Langdon and Sophie? Split-in-halves.

Benjamin and Bethany Ann? Split-in-halves.

Can you think of any other split-in-halves? Do you have one?

Daughter of the Howling Moon coming November 9th. Pre-order now from Pen-L Publishing.

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2 Responses to Split-in-Halves

  1. Well, shoot Ruth. My protagonists end up going at each other like crazy, but they are always connected like two pieces torn from the same fabric. In fact, one reader at OCW said he was disappointed that there weren’t any hot love scenes in Wolf Song, so I guess Sexy Dark and Gritty gets to ’em.

  2. I loved this idea of split-in-half souls! Makes sense to me!

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