LIFE WITH WEEBLES-Take 3: Gymnastics with Dogs


Weebles has two dogs, a boxer named Mazie and a little something or other named Daisy. Now, I am a dog person. Had dogs all my life, and I enjoy them. I’ve been known to walk up and pet a stray just because he has a smiling face and wagging tail. However, for the last decade I’ve been living with cats. Sorry to say, this has ruined me for most dogs. Cats rule. Period. So you can imagine the adjustment I had to make moving in and living in a dog-dominated environment.

My cat, Pan made the switch better than I did. I was so worried about her reactions that I gave no thought to mine. As a result, these dogs drive me nuts. They eat cat food like candy. I have never seen dogs scoff down a bowl of Nine Lives faster and more ravenous than these two canines. I’m not lying. Every morning they wait at my bedroom door working themselves up into a frenzy for the off-chance I might drop the bowl or in a moment of pity, I let them lick the remains. I can no longer feed the cat on the floor but rather put her dish on top of a table so that the dogs won’t steal her dinner. Then there is the litter box. I’m not going into a lot of detail here, but I will never know why dogs insist on raiding the cat box. It’s disgusting. Is it any wonder why I think cats are more superior than dogs?

Weebles, however loves these two as much as I love Pan, and apparently they love Greg just as much as they follow his every footstep. Literally. He can’t make a move without the boxer tagging along. When he goes outside, both of them cry, whine, and bark. Oh let’s talk about barking for a minute. Bark. Bark. Bark. Drives me insane! The boxer, Mazie is quite verbal. At times she talks back to Greg which is quite comical and I like hearing, but it always morphs into the loudest barking I’ve ever heard. And she won’t shut up! Enough said about this.

As I have mentioned before, Greg can trip over dust and his balance is fragile to say the least so it only makes sense he would have dogs. Every person who has ataxia should have dogs that lay directly in their path and sit behind them. Why? Because it provides exercise. In Greg’s case this exercise is gymnastics. Here is an example of what I’m talking about written by Weebles himself:
” My acrobatic skills came into play again tonight. I am baking chicken and putting BBQ sauce on it. I drained the grease in a bowl and as I turned to put the chicken back in the oven, my foot stuck and down I started. As I was going down with a cookie sheet full of chicken and the dog in my way to hit the floor, I was able to put the pan on the stove top without knocking over the pan of carrots or the pan of corn, BUT, as I came closer to the dog on the floor, all I could think about was landing on her and breaking her hip. I stuck my elbow out to block my full weight from landing on her. So, I did landed on the dog but she is ok, I laid on the floor, perhaps 4 or 5 minutes and then was able to get up. My ankle/leg is fine but my elbow hurts like hell. I am just glad the grease or chicken OR myself didn’t land on the dog.”

I witnessed this performance. I gave it a 10.

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