Life with Weebles-Take 4- The Dance

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Not many of you know but Weebles didn’t always wobble. Nope. When I first met him he was an agile black belt Judo instructor at the Air Force base in Little Rock, Arkansas. Believe it or not he’s also an actor; mostly musicals. Oliver. Oklahoma. Annie Get Your Gun. Fiddler on the Roof and My Fair Lady to name a few. In My Fair Lady he played the role of Pickering. Blew my mind. Not only did he have to dance but sing a solo as well. I don’t know how many of you have ever auditioned for a musical but a big part of one is dancing. I hate that part. I can sing. I can act. But dance? Nope. I have two left feet, and I can never remember the routines even though we rehearse until we’re ready to scream. Weebles didn’t like the dancing part either, but surprisingly he wasn’t bad. Who knew that many years later his dancing experience would be a great help to him?

I’ve heard of instances where mothers can be in a deep sleep but wake immediately when their babies cry. I’m that way with Weebles. Usually I go to bed before Weebles and am floating in dream land when he goes to bed. One night last week, deep in sleep, I woke with a start when I heard him crash to the floor. I rushed to his bedroom to find him flat on this back. He’d caught his foot in the bathroom rug and down he went. His judo training automatically kicked in. He’d tucked his chin and didn’t hit his head. He wasn’t hurt but a fall is a fall and it leaves you shaken nonetheless. Plus, falling is embarrassing and frustrating at the same time. Weebles’ judo background has come to his rescue many times. For those of you not familiar with this martial art, the first lesson learned is how to fall without injuring yourself. But dancing has come in handy at times as well. Below is a post Weebles put on FaceBook that illustrates this fact quite well:

“After all the years of doing musicals at the community theater they really paid off. I was never much of a “dancer” but remembering some of the moves can just make you feel good again. I just wish there was music playing. I was coming up the hall and as I turned the corner, I stubbed my toe. I did a lunge toward the counter, I performed a masterful 1 1/2 pirouette with a 5 tiptoe step into the refrigerator and then a large 3 backward step into the counter. I took about a 10 second bow before returning to couch to critique my performance.”

Garth Brooks sings, “I could’ve missed the pain but I’d had to miss the dance.” In Weebles’ case, it’s really good he didn’t miss the dance.


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  2. Linda Apple says:

    I think Greg would have made the PERFECT Tevye!

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