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The Gift

The Rook comes with night. Mysterious and dark he stands.  Gold-tipped onyx wings catch the moon’s rays and dance across the water in ripples of mirrored silver. His scent of earth, wind, and fire swirls in the mist and draws … Continue reading

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What the cat fur happened?

Instead of paying attention to the road on my way to work, I waxed philosophical today.  It was the deer’s fault. When I dumped the trash this morning, I surprised a young doe.  In wide-eyed wonder she studied me as … Continue reading

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   I am quickly learning that the term, “struggling writer” means more about what happens when an author has published a book than before.  Promoting is a challenge.  Published authors are like mailmen/women—we hawk our books in the rain, sleet, … Continue reading

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Like fine lines around the mouth and eyes, the Creeping appears gradually—one day, nothing, the next mysteriously there. The wind signals its arrival and whispers its coming through branches and leaves.  The hazy film of heat and humidity yields to … Continue reading

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