Painting My Words-Take 2


This is the second picture I painted inspired by my new book, Daughter of the Howling Moon. This drawing portrays the essence of the novel as opposed to an actual scene.

Benjamin Sol is the co-protagonist (like that term? I just made it up. Bethany Ann is the main character and hero, but Benjamin plays a huge part as well, thus the term.) Benjamin is the deputy sheriff of St Claire Parish. His boss, Sheriff Buford Tate sends him to the local voodooenne, Lady Tibitha . Why? Nope. Not gonna tell ya. Gotta wait for the book.

Among other witchy things, Voodoo priestess, Lady Tibitha reads tarot cards. I hit upon the idea of painting Daughter of the Howling Moon tarot cards that tell the plot of story. As you will see, there are five. Try condensing your book down into five things that describe it. Flash Fiction bite my butt. This ain’t easy.

The first card has a pair of angel wings with a lightning bolt through it and is titled “Vengeance.” (don’t worry I fixed the spelling on the picture) This is Bethany Ann’s card.

The second card is very self-explanatory. It represents the devil, evil. Hmmm. Wonder what character has this card for a symbol? You might be surprised.

The third card is titled Salvation. I’ve already told you Benjamin is the deputy sheriff so it’s a no-brainer who this card is for. But. Why salvation??

The fourth card is a jaguar. Sorry, I just can’t draw a jaguar that well but this looks a little like one. Right? I titled this card “Revenge.” Wow! This story takes place in the swamps of Louisiana. Wonder how a jaguar got there? Or did it? Hmmm. Maybe the cat isn’t real? Maybe she is.

The fifth and last card is an alligator. Unlike jaguars, gators roam the swamps. But why is this card called “Guardian?” (I changed the name since this picture was taken)

And what is all that blood doing dripping down the canvas???? Just what is this story all about?

Painting My Words is a blast. Stay tuned for my next masterpiece. Wonder what that will be?

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3 Responses to Painting My Words-Take 2

  1. Now that is a cool idea, Ruth. Each time I post a photo of something I’ve painted I get some nice comments. Seems like people appreciate the melding of art with writing. We are told to write so people can see our story.

  2. Loving the cards – they add a different dimension.

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