No Rocking Chair Regrets

rocking chair

I saw a post on FaceBook yesterday on living life to the fullest so you wouldn’t have any regrets.  Of course when I went back today to find the actual quote to interject into this blog I couldn’t find it.  Figures.  But you get the idea.

I agree 100% with this philosophy. I have often said I don’t want to be 95 years old, living in a home, sitting in a rocking chair, regretting not doing things. However living life to the fullest has gotten me into some deep do-do.

For one thing, I have credit card debt up the wazoo.  I’m really good with money. Honestly. My ex-husband even called me cheap. Frugal is a better word. I try to save as much as possible and spend my coin wisely.  Then wham! An opportunity rises up to bite me.  Most of the time it’s travel: a writing retreat at a dude ranch, a trip to Roswell to see the aliens and the Mother Ship, a cruise to Jamaica and Cozumel, another cruise, a trip to Dallas to see a kindred sister and the Phantom of the Opera, and so-on-and-so forth.

Then there is my love life. Oh boy. He really, really loves me. He’s so sweet, wouldn’t do anything to break my heart. So what if he doesn’t have a job or money?  He’s my soul mate. I’d live in a tent in the middle of East Jesus just to be with him. Join the Mile High Club? Sure.  Life life to the fullest, right? Yeah, right. Fifty Shades of Stupid right here, folks.

Oh, and let’s not forget those little adventures:  crawl over the neighbor’s fence, catch the horse, ride bareback only to fall off and bust my butt, walk out on an iced pond only to have it crack and scare the living crap out of me before I make it back to safety, take the dare and kiss the boy, dance naked in the rain or under the full moon, pet that wild possum curled on my porch, stick my hands through the zoo bars to touch the lion, ride the camel, or the five-story Farris wheel only to get stuck at the top and almost pee my pants, laughing and making light while  praying without ceasing.   And so much more.

My guardian angel has gray hair for sure.

But here’s the deal.  Live is too damn short.

Money is just green paper. I work to have great credit so I can slap that plastic down to go and do anything my heart desires.  Live is for living, not wasting.

So, when I sit in that rocking chair  lost in memory, I’ll smile a Mona Lisa smile and have people wondering just what adventure I’m working on next.  And instead of thinking, “I wish I had done . . . ” I will be saying, “I really did.”

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9 Responses to No Rocking Chair Regrets

  1. Ruth, You’re living life precisely the way it was meant to be. I’ve done so many daredevil things in my life, things I thought I’d never accomplish because the motto should be don’t quit till you die. And in your list is the most important thing in this life or the next. Love. I’m so happy for you and now I know why you laugh all the time. Keep at it. I don’t even own a rocking chair, neither should you.

  2. Jan Morrill says:

    That’s why you’re my hero, Ruthie. I remember that quote–I said I’d hang on to yours and Pam’s shirt tails. I’m going to post it to Facebook for you. 🙂

  3. Very well said! I completely agree with your philosophy. Life is way too short for regrets 🙂

  4. Reblogged this on Alice White Author and commented:
    Life is way too short for regrets. So says Ruth Weeks in this truthful and wise blog post.

  5. Sorchia D says:

    You don’t need to burn the candle at both ends, but you can sure use it to set off the fireworks!! Live it and Do it and only look back to laugh at the fun you’ve had. A perfect post for a dreary day!!

  6. Linda Apple says:

    Wow . . . just Wow . . .

  7. Thank you, Ruth. You are an inspiration! xo

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